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Uber Under Fire For Fatal Car Crash That Killed Girl

California’s revolutionary paid ride-sharing Uber is facing one of its first serious legal problems after the death of a 6-year-old girl. Relatives of that victim – who died when she was struck by an Uber driver – are seeking financial compensation for wrongful death. Those relatives argue that the driver was an active Uber employee […]

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Man Causes Accident, Fights With Rescuers, Arrested For Dui

It’s an unfortunate reality that getting behind the wheel often means you’re taking your life into your hands. No matter how safe you might be on the roads, you are still at the mercy of other drivers. Many people unfortunately might not take safety as seriously as you do. When encounters with these types of […]

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Man Pleads Not Guilty In Freeway Pileup That Killed 3

Anybody who has traveled the roadways of California is well aware of the many accidents that take place on a daily basis. While most accidents are nothing more than minor fender benders, some result in serious injury or even death. A man accused of causing a freeway pileup that killed three people has pled not […]

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Debate Over Red Light Cameras Rages On In California

Santa Rosa, like many cities in California, uses red light cameras to discipline drivers that run red lights. However, for every city that adds the cameras, it seems that another city will discontinue their use. The benefit of red light cameras still seems to be up for debate. Although the objective of the cameras is […]

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‘Candy Man’ Facing Medical Malpractice For Drug Distribution

A California woman has filed a civil suit against a physician who she said caused her to be addicted to prescription drugs. The doctor, known as the “Candy Man” in the Santa Barbara area, is accused of physician malpractice in the suit, which was filed after the man was arrested on federal drug trafficking allegations. News reports […]

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