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3 People Injured In 4-car Wreck On The 101

Driving in rush-hour traffic can be a stressful event. Whether traffic is flowing at a fast clip with cars weaving between lanes to get to exits, or it’s at a standstill, getting to a destination can be a challenge. It is also a time when many accidents occur, some of which cause serious injury. A recent accident on the 101 in California is an example of how the commute can go horribly wrong.

A Chevy Silverado driven by a 44-year-old man abruptly changed lanes and was unprepared for the slower traffic in the other lane. The truck struck a Dodge Ram, driven by a 70-year-old man. The Ram then struck and drove onto a S-10 pickup in front of it. A fourth vehicle, only identified as a Ford truck, was also involved.

The driver of the Silverado received minor injuries, as did the 33-year-old driver of the S-10. However, the driver of the Ram, though he did not seem to sustain serious injuries from the accident, suffered a medical emergency after the accident. According to witnesses, emergency workers were seen administering CPR on the man after he was removed from his vehicle.

The accident is still under investigation. One of the questions investigators want answered is why the driver of the Silverado, who was the only occupant of the truck, was in the car pool lane to begin with. Also, what made the man change lanes so abruptly? Investigators will piece together the accident, speak to all the drivers involved and interview any witnesses to the accident. This information will help determine if any citations need to be given.

Those who suffer losses because of the actions of another have the right to seek compensation. A legal professional experienced with such situations can detail what compensation is available and help a person decide if pursuing damages is the right course of action.

Source: Press Democrat, “Four-car wreck clogs Highway 101, sends three to hospital” Kevin McCallum, Dec. 18, 2013