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The Difference Between Mediation And Mandatory Arbitration

In many California personal injury cases, it is in the interest of both parties to avoid litigation. Litigation can be expensive, it can be time-consuming and it can be an all around draining process. Ideally, the parties may be able to come to a fair settlement without going through the hassle of litigation. It is […]

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Types Of Burn Injuries And California Burn Injury Liability

Burns are one of the most common types of serious injuries in the United States. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that several million Americans suffer serious burn injuries annually. Burns are notoriously painful and any degree of burn injury can cause extreme suffering. Often, recovering from a burn necessitates a […]

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Are There Limits To Pain And Suffering Damages In California?

Under California personal injury law, pain and suffering in relation to an injury is owed compensation.  You are eligible for pain and suffering damages for both physical and mental injuries. If you have been injured in California and you experienced pain and suffering as a result, an experienced Santa Rosa personal injury attorney can help you […]

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Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Finding out that you have cancer is a devastating, life-changing event. However, discovering that some events regarding your specific cancer could have been avoided had your healthcare provider ordered the necessary tests can be even more devastating. Contact an experienced Sacramento delayed diagnosis attorney if you or a loved one received a delayed diagnosis of cancer that […]

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Negligence and Shoulder Dystocia

Expecting a child is one of the most exciting moments for most parents, and the day of delivery can be pure excitement. However, new parents may find that they are fearful and overwhelmed when they learn that the delivery will not go as easily as planned. You expect for your healthcare provider to provide excellent service […]

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You Have a Right to Your Medical Records

When choosing a new medical healthcare provider, one of the first questions on the new patient form pertains to information in your medical records from the previous doctor. You will need to complete a consent form to release your medical records from your previous doctor to your new healthcare provider. However, medical professionals are not the only ones […]

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The Doctor Didn’t Order A Mammogram After I Said A Could Feel A Lump. It Spread And I Had A Full Mastectomy.

It is estimated that approximately 230,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. That means that around 12 percent of American women will be diagnosed by invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes. Breast cancer can be complicated to treat and catching it as early as possible is absolutely critical. Unfortunately all too […]

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A Novocain Shot Caused Permanent Damage To The Entire Side Of My Face

Novocain (also known as procaine) is a local anesthetic used in medicine and dentistry. Using anesthetics takes immense experience and care. The consequences from improper use of anesthesia can be severe. Anesthesiologists face a significant number of medical malpractice claims because of the very real potential that their errors will cause serious physical and mental […]

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A Nerve Was Damaged During Surgery, What Are My Legal Options?

Sometimes a patient awakens from surgery and feels an unexpected comfortableness in a specific area of the body. This may be the result of surgically caused nerve damage. Nerve damage can feel like numbness or tingling and can be accompanied by a ‘pins and needles’ feeling and severe burning pain. If this has happened to […]

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HMO Misconduct

An HMO (health maintenance organization) is an organization the provides or arranges managed care for health plans. An HMO essentially acts as an intermediary for health care providers on a prepaid basis. A patient enrolled in an HMO managed plan must deal with requirements of the plan. One of the most typical requirements is that […]

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