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Cerebral Palsy – The Long Term Effects

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects a person for the duration of their life. Here are a few facts about Cerebral Palsy.


  • Changes the way muscles develop and tone.
  • Affects the way movement happens
  • Motor skills are usually slowed and difficult
  • Non-degenerative condition
  • Can cause a minor to major limp
  • Can cause paralysis of the hands
  • Can cause paralysis of the legs
  • Often impairs speech to varying degrees
  • Sometimes mental retardation is a part of CP
  • There is currently no cure


Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain damage before, or during a child’s birth, as well as in its developmental years. Still, through appropriate therapy and special care many young people that grow up with Cerebral Palsy go on to live full and happy lives.


My Hand Trembles, My Heart Does Not.

Take Stephen Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins’s CP affected him to the degree he could not sign his name without his hand trembling. His limited control of his hands did not stop those who loved and believed in him from working through enduring challenges.  In 1755, Mr. Hopkins became governor of Rhode Island. After a lifetime of successful service to his country, Stephen Hopkins was one of the few historic figures privileged to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. As Mr. Hopkins gave his signature, it has been documented that he said, “my hand trembles, my heart does not.”


Birth Injury/Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

If your child received a birth injury that lead to brain damage and Cerebral Palsy, there is hope for your child. It is appropriate to pursue compensation for damages, which could include long-term medical care and physical therapy.


We want to hear your story – What happened during prenatal care? What are the details of your labor and delivery?  We’re poised to launch a detailed investigation into these facts for your benefit. It very well may be that your healthcare provider was negligent and their carelessness led to what caused cerebral palsy.  Our Santa Rosa birth injury attorneys offer the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge you need to tackle such a pursuit on behalf of your child.


To contact a Teal Law Group birth injury attorney call 707-525-1212 to schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience. A Santa Rosa or Sacramento cerebral palsy attorney can visit you in your home or hospital if necessary.