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Could The Car Manufacturer Be Held Liable For Your Accident?

Was a defective part potentially a cause of your car accident and subsequent injuries?  From time to time automotive parts makers can be held liable for allowing faulty parts and components into the marketplace and, therefore, into the automobiles we depend on. When bad brakes, poorly designed tires, faulty accelerator pads, and defective transmission systems make it into the vehicles we drive, dangerous and even fatal consequences could result.

The unfortunate truth is, when manufacturers allow defects to get through, consumers are at risk. In such cases, the manufacturer should clearly be responsible for full compensation of damages that result from the accidents caused.

Who Should We Sue?

If you were severely harmed or had a loved one fatally injured in an auto accident and you suspect a defective automobile part may have been partially or fully to blame, whom should you name in your suit? Fortunately you don’t have to work this out on your own.  When you enlist the advocacy of The Teal Law Group, our team of seasoned defective products attorneys can walk you through all the possibilities. Meanwhile, here are some of the parties that may be a part of the discussion.

  • Your vehicle manufacturer
  • The “at fault” driver’s vehicle manufacturer
  • The manufacturer of the faulty parts that contributed to the accident
  • Quality control engineers
  • Anyone directly involved in the design, misleading marketing of the product
  • Mechanics
  • Retailers responsible for selling you the vehicle (esp. if it can be proven the existing problem was known) 

Experienced Santa Rosa Defective Products Attorney

If you or someone in your family was seriously injured while using any type of manufactured product in Santa Rosa or beyond, you are encouraged to talk to one of our attorneys at Teal & Montgomery. We have the experience that it takes to pursue the compensation you need after a serious injury caused by any type of auto manufacturer’s product.

We welcome you to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience. A Santa Rosa product liability attorney can visit you in your home or hospital if necessary.