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Not Looking Your Age May Keep You Safe From Discrimination

Ageism is a problem. All across the US, companies are finding more creative ways to hire younger employees while discrimination against older employees continues to take place. When such behavior affects you and your loved ones, taking legal action is the appropriate measure. Some people on the older end of the age spectrum have taken preventative action.


Recent reports have shown there has been an increase in the number of plastic surgeries for men and women who are either attempting to get a job or are trying to keep from being replaced by a younger colleague. Both those seeking employment and those fighting to keep employment seem to be fighting stereotypes held by leadership and hiring managers.


Age discrimination about baby boomers is thought to come from stereotypes such as these:


–       Baby boomers are thought to be set in their ways

–       Imprudent investment – will not stay with the company

–       Deficient understanding of basic current technologies

–       Demand more salary than younger


This may be why many older people in the workplace have turned to discrimination prevention methods such as simply trying not to “look their age” (whether through plastic surgery or through style of dress).  If you or someone you know has been mistreated, discriminated against, or received ill treatment due to their age, you should take a few minutes to speak with an experienced and dedicated Sacramento area employment law attorney.


Talk to a Teal Law discrimination attorney today about how to pursue compensation, including legal fee coverage, from an employer who has practiced illegal age discrimination and ageism.  Of course, you can call anytime or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation with a Santa Rosa (707-525-1212) or Sacramento (916-448-1010) employment law attorney.