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Man In Wheelchair Struck, Killed By Delivery Truck

When a vehicle and a pedestrian collide, the injuries can be serious or fatal for either party, but this is especially true for the pedestrian. Without the protection of a metal frame such as car, injuries to the head, neck and other parts of the body are a real possibility. This is why both pedestrians and drivers need to pay close attention to their surroundings and make sure everyone sees each other so accidents can be prevented.

A recent truck accident in Napa claimed the life of an 88-year-old man in an electric wheelchair. The man was traveling on the south side of a delivery truck when the truck attempted to make a turn and struck the man. The truck was turning out of a restaurant driveway and onto northbound Main Street. The driveway crosses the sidewalk.

The driver of the delivery truck did not seem to be impaired according to police. The accident is still under investigation. One thing that investigators might be looking into is whether or not the truck was able to see the man in the motorized wheelchair. Another point of the investigation could be whether speed was a factor. Police are requesting that anyone who might have witnessed the accident to contact them to help with the investigation.

It is too soon to determine who might have been at fault, but in the event the truck driver is found to have caused the accident, the family members of the man who was killed could seek compensation for the deceased man. An experienced legal professional could explain what rights to damages the family might have, such as medical and final expenses and loss of companionship, and explain the process of attaining those funds.

Source: Press Democrat, “Napa pedestrian struck by Sonoma County delivery truck” Kevin McCallum, Dec. 20, 2013