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A Novocain Shot Caused Permanent Damage To The Entire Side Of My Face

Novocain (also known as procaine) is a local anesthetic used in medicine and dentistry. Using anesthetics takes immense experience and care. The consequences from improper use of anesthesia can be severe. Anesthesiologists face a significant number of medical malpractice claims because of the very real potential that their errors will cause serious physical and mental injury to their patients. If you’ve been affected by the negligent error of an anesthesiologist in Sacramento you need a experienced an attorney by your side.

Anesthesia is a Vital Part of Surgery, But Must Be Handled Extremely Carefully

Anesthesia makes surgery bearable by freeing the body from pain. But it’s has the potential to be incredibly dangerous. If it’s not administered in the correct amount, at the proper time, or in the correct way it can cause serious injury to the patient. Patients place tremendous faith in their medical care providers and the providers have a professional and legal duty to provide quality of care. An anesthesia error can even be deadly.

I Was Victim of An Anesthesia Error Caused By Novocain, Was it Medical Malpractice?

Similar to other medical professionals, an anesthesiologist has a legal duty to maintain a certain standard of care when dealing with patients. The standard of care provided must be a similar quality of care as the patient could reasonably expect to receive from another professional anesthesiologist. Failure to provide care up to this standard can result in the anesthesiologist being deemed negligent. Negligence can lead to a successful medical malpractice claim with potential for substantial financial recovery. No one expects to sustain bodily damage from surgery due to anesthesia. If you were injured by anesthesia there is a good chance it was done in error. If this has happened to you an attorney experienced in Sacramento medical malpractice claims should review your case immediately so you do not miss out on your rightful compensation.

Find Out How an Anesthesia Error Malpractice Attorney in Sacramento Can Help You

Contact the Teal Law Group in Sacramento, we are completely committed to helping patients, who were injured by the negligent use of novocain, by holding the negligent medical professionals liable for their losses. If you believe that anesthesia has been improperly used on you and you were injured as a result, you could be entitled to substantial compensation. Please call our office today at 916-448-1010 for a free consultation.