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If you have recently discovered that your child was molested or sexually abused in any way by a member of the clergy or by a teacher, coach or counselor, you are doing the right thing by seeking legal advice and help. Teal & Montgomery offers free case evaluations. If you have a valid case against a priest, rabbi, minister, church, synagogue or other religious organization such as a summer camp, a retreat center or a mosque after your daughter or son was fondled or sexually assaulted, contact us.

Some clients seek the help of a lawyer not because a son or daughter was abused by a clergyman or clergywoman, but because as an adult, the client has clear memories of sexual abuse by a priest, preacher, rabbi or Sunday school teacher in years past.

Legal precedents have opened the way for courts to consider claims by adults regarding clergy abuse that happened years previously. You may have read of similar cases and wondered how to seek your own justice after childhood or teen sexual abuse disturbed your normal development. You may have suffered years of depression, anger, relationship troubles or psychosomatic illnesses as a direct result of the clergy abuse. You may wonder how to bring a claim for compensation against the Catholic church or any church or institution belonging to an organized religion.

The first step in any of these scenarios involving child sexual abuse is to seek counsel with an experienced Sacramento child molestation attorney. Whether the abused child is still a child or was you at an earlier age, talk to one of our lawyers at Teal & Montgomery at no cost. We are here to explore with you the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against a clergy person or a religious institution on your behalf.

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