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The personal injury attorneys have Teal & Montgomery have been exclusively fighting for the right of families and their loved ones since 1975. It is our mission to seek justice for those in Sacramento harmed due to the negligence of others. For forty years we have provided representation and counsel for clients with challenges varying in complexity.

Our Business is Your Justice

At the office of Teal & Montgomery, we take honor in working towards a timely resolution in your personal injury suit. We believe you’re more than a client. You’re our responsibility. We will handle your case in a manner that allows you to lie your head on the pillow each night knowing someone with the legal insight is on your side. Additionally, our attorneys are prepared and willing to provide assistance and opinions in a broad range of legal matters. We’ll walk with you every step of the way. You can take full advantage of Teal & Montgomery’s experience.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys of Sacramento

Because majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court, you need representation that knows themselves around the negotiating table. Experienced lawyers, such as the attorneys of Teal & Montgomery, will treat your case with the personal expertise required to give you the results you deserve. Furthermore, our trial attorneys are always ready to take your case to the next phase – trial – if it’s within your best interest. Medical malpractice law is ever changing, and we stay up to date with the in-depth knowledge required to fight for you. Furthermore, we’re constantly building and maintaining relationships with experts in the medical industry who help us file and build rock solid cases on behalf of the clients who trust in us.

Serving the Sacramento Area

How can we help you pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours after a serious accident? Whether it’s a construction accident, traffic accident, surgical accident or personal injury from a dangerous product, put your case in the hands of our trusted attorneys at our Sacramento law office.

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Search our website to learn more about personal injury law. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about how we can seek justice for you. For more information about cases we’ve won, visit the Results and Testimonials pages.

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Common Questions

I’ve been in an automobile accident, what should I do?
The most important thing for you to do is seek immediate medical attention for your injuries:

  • If you are taken by ambulance from the scene, medical attention has occurred.
  • If not, you should immediately contact your family physician for the earliest available appointment.
  • Or get to your local emergency room, if necessary.

It is important to receive the necessary and appropriate medical attention, and also to document your injuries for the insurance company.

Insurance companies often assume that you either were not injured or that your injuries were insignificant if you did not seek medical attention. People make the mistake of wishful thinking—telling themselves that although they are in pain, the pain is likely to go away in a few days or weeks, and that they should just wait it out. This is a mistake, both in terms of getting the medical care you need and in providing the insurance company with an excuse to ignore or minimize your legitimate injuries.

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How soon do I need to contact an attorney after I have been injured?
The most important thing is to get appropriate medical attention for your injuries. After this, you should immediately contact an attorney to review your case and represent you with the insurance companies involved. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of people shortly after they are injured, attempting to obtain statements from them that can be used to defeat or minimize any claim.

It is not unusual for insurance companies to contact injured parties within 24 hours of the incident, asking them to provide recorded statements and to describe their injuries. You may not even be fully aware of the extent of your injuries so soon after the incident, and in any event, are likely to be tricked or misled into making statements that can be used against you later.

The qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys at Teal & Montgomery can assist you at this critical time in your case. We will consult with you free of charge and work quickly to preserve and collect evidence while it is still fresh and available. Continue for more information on the statute of limitations when filing a lawsuit.

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I’ve been in an accident, but I feel okay. What should I do?
Never hesitate to get checked out by medical professionals, even if you feel that you escaped serious injury. It is not uncommon for physical symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and numbness to begin hours, or even days, after an incident. The full effects of an injury may take even longer to surface.

Of course, it is important that you get immediate medical attention if you feel any pain or discomfort. Many people make the mistake of hoping that their pain will go away on its own and wait for several days, or even weeks, before finally deciding to go to the doctor.

Waiting to get treatment is a bad idea for your health. It can also hurt your chances of obtaining an appropriate settlement for your injuries because there will be no medical record of those injuries at or close to the time of the incident. Please continue for more information on injuries that may require an attorney.

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I told the police and paramedics at the scene that I was okay. Does this mean that I have no case?
It is not uncommon for people who were just involved in a traumatic incident to feel “shaken up,” but otherwise okay. Your body is in shock, and you are likely experiencing the effects of adrenaline pumped into your system at the time of the incident. You may well begin to feel pain or other injuries a few hours or even a few days after the incident. If this happens, you should immediately seek medical care.

The insurance company will certainly attempt to use against you any statement at the scene of the incident suggesting that you were not inured. However, this does not mean you do not have a legitimate case. If you were injured and your doctor can verify this injury, you are entitled to bring a claim even if you were unaware of these injuries until after you left the scene.

You need an attorney skilled in personal injury cases to guide you through the process and to be sure that the insurance company does not unfairly reject or minimize your injuries.

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I have a family member who has suffered a catastrophic injury/death. Who can bring a claim on their behalf?
If a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury and is unable to represent themselves, one of the other family members can be appointed by the court to bring the claim on their behalf. In the tragic case of a wrongful death of a family member, the rest of the immediate family has a right to bring a claim. Family members, such as spouses, children and sometimes even parents or and grandparents, have a right to be compensated for the loss of companionship, society, comfort, and support they suffer when a family member dies because of the negligence of others.

These are difficult cases which must be handled with sensitivity and insight by the lawyer, who needs to understand how the incident occurred and the family dynamic that existed before the death. At Teal & Montgomery, our attorneys have extensive experience in bringing claims on behalf of family members who suffered the loss of a loved one due to the wrongful conduct of others. We can help you through this difficult time.

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If I was injured while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, do I have the same rights?
California law treats people who ride motorcycles or bicycles exactly the same as those operating a motor vehicle. You have the same right to be on the road as any other vehicle. If you were injured by the carelessness of another while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, you have a right to bring a claim for reasonable compensation for the harm you suffered.

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I was injured on someone else’s property. What legal rights do I have?
An owner of property is required by law to find, fix, or warn others about unreasonably dangerous conditions on their property. Anyone coming onto their property must, of course, exercise reasonable care for their own safety.

Whether or not you have a right to seek compensation for the harm you suffered will depend on the particular facts of your case.

At Teal & Montgomery, we have represented many individuals who were harmed because of unreasonably dangerous conditions on someone else’s property. We are available to consult with you for free in person, by telephone, or online to determine whether you were harmed because of a property owner’s failure to follow the law.

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I have more questions.
The best way to reach us is to call our office at (Santa Rosa) 707-525-1212 or (Sacramento) 916-448-1010, for a free consultation or to submit your questions to us online.

Each case is unique, and the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident causing you or your family member’s injury must be carefully examined to determine whether the law was broken and, if so, what kind of claim should be brought.

At Teal & Montgomery, we have represented individuals in personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1975. We have extensive experience in this complex area of the law. We are prepared to help you cope with your injuries and find a way forward at this difficult time in your life.

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