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It can be incredibly exhilarating to ride your motorcycle throughout Sacramento. Motorcycle owners enjoy the freedom and excitement of a ride, alone or with a group, and it can be extremely economical to ride a motorcycle instead of owning and operating an automobile. Motorcycles are less expensive just about any way you look at it. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents do happen and they occur more often in Sacramento than anyone would like to accept. If you are involved in a Sacramento motorcycle accident and sustain an injury, you may experience extensive physical, emotional damage as well as the damage to your property.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the greater Sacramento area, you need the help of a qualified and experienced attorney as you navigate the legal process that follows such a devastating experience. Contact the attorneys at Teal & Montgomery today by calling 916-448-1010 to reach our Sacramento office. We also have an office in Santa Rosa, which you can reach at 707-525-1212.

Less doesn’t mean fewer rules.

In spite of the fact that the protection offered on a motorcycle is lower than that of an automobile, motorcyclists still have rights on the road. Just like car drivers and bicycle riders, motorcycle drivers also must obey the laws and be considerate of other road users. Since they have equal expectations, they should also have the privilege of expecting other road users to respect those rights and drive considerately so as not to cause a life-threatening accident for motorcyclists.

Risks of Motorcycle Use

Riding a motorcycle carries inherent risks. There is no outer shell of the vehicle to provide initial impact protection, airbags or safety belts. There is much more risk for a motorcycle user if he or she is involved in an accident while on the road, and motorcycle accidents are much more likely to mean very serious injury and death to those involved. Some risks associated with motorcycle use that can lead to accidents are:

  • Less visibility to other motorists, especially those in cars
  • Road hazards that are more difficult to avoid
  • No barrier between the road and the rider
  • High risk actions like speeding, encouraged by motorcycles
  • Reduced stability of a two wheel vehicle
  • Skill level of the user

Your Rights in Response to Negligence

Sacramento residents who have been involved in motorcycle accidents and have been injured as a result of negligent or illegal actions of another driver have a legal right to sue for compensation for all medical expenses, wage loss, and physical and emotional injures they have suffered. Relatives who have lost a loved one in Sacramento because of a motorcycle accident also have legal rights to file a Sacramento wrongful death lawsuit.

Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or have lost a loved one in an accident, the most important decision you may make is to consult with a motorcycle accident law firm. They can advise you of the many legal options you have, and help you file your motorcycle accident injury claim or wrongful death claim, collect and present the evidence needed to prove your case, protect your rights and get you compensation for your suffering. When considering a motorcycle accident law firm, be sure that the firm has unique knowledge in this area of law, a strong history of winning full compensation for their clients, and a record of excellence in customer service.

The Sacramento motorcycle accident law firm of Teal & Montgomery provides top-tier motorcycle accident law services throughout the Bay Area and California. We are well versed in navigating the system skillfully and successfully. We have a strong history of successfully garnering maximum compensation levels for our clients. Further, we treat our clients with complete respect, individuality and accessibility.

We welcome you to contact us or call 916-448-1010 to schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience.