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Both mother and baby can be affected during a birth injury, whether it be during labor or delivery. Complicated and heart wrenching are just a few of the words used to describe these types of injuries. If you’ve been affected by a birth injury, you need legal advice. Call our offices for a free consultation. We’re here for you, ready to lean on our experience for you. Email us or call for a free consultation.

How Birth Injuries Occur

Careless or intentional acts by a hospital, nurse, doctor or healthcare provider can cause birth injuries. If these actions cause injury to the mother or baby, as long as they don’t rise to the level of a crime, they can be reason for a lawsuit.

Those responsible for injuries stated above can be required and legally obligated to pay damages. These damages are typically designed to place the injured back in the financial position he/she was in before they were injured. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, and disability are common damages that must be recuperated, whether past or future.

Our Santa Rosa lawyers can and have dealt with numerous types of birth injury lawsuits, including:

  • Birth Injury Caused by Vacuum Extraction
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries
  • Fetal Death
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Brain Damage
  • Birth Injury Caused by Poorly Formed Caesarean
  • Trauma Related to Medicinal Negligence
  • Breech Birth Complications
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Birth Hypoxia

Successfully Serving the Bay Area for 40 Years

Our birth injury lawyers have fought for justice for our clients since 1975. These types of suits can be complex, but our attorneys are willing and ready to fight for you. We’re armed with years of experience to deal with complicated medical malpractice matters.

We’ve recovered millions of dollars in these types of suits. Our long list of success have earned us peer respect. We will accepts nothing short of the full compensation due to our clients.

Every Case is Different

Have you become victim of a birth injury? Whether these injuries have affected your baby, your family or you, we will provide you the representation you need to gain a fair settlement and / or verdict. We’re here to help with your medical dilemmas. We will walk you down the trail of justice.

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Time is of the essence. Move towards justice as soon as possible. There are statutes of limitations for filing these types of cases in California.

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There are few situations as difficult and trying for parents as the moment when they realize their child has been injured during the birthing process or subsequent neonatal care at the hospital. As the realization sets in that your child will face challenges others won’t, you need answers to some basic questions:

What are “birth injuries?”
In general terms, birth injuries are injuries to your baby that happened during labor and delivery.

For example, not performing a Cesarean section when indicated can result in your baby not getting adequate oxygen to the brain, causing brain damage. Often this causes permanent damage and lasting problems. Other common birth injuries involve the doctor pulling too hard on the baby during delivery, causing nerve damage and other problems.

Not all babies born with problems are suffering from birth injuries. For example, problems like heart defects, cleft palates, and other problems are significant problems but are not generally related to medical error during labor or delivery.

Birth injuries are always heartrending, and often are complicated. Get the advice you need by calling us for a free consultation. We promise to listen to you and give you the benefit of our experience. Call or email us for a free consultation.

What can be done for your baby?
Every case is different. Help is always available for a baby born with problems, but the facts of your case will determine what types of help are going to be available to you. If the facts indicate that your baby was the victim of medical malpractice, we can represent you and your baby and work to obtain a fair settlement or verdict for you and your baby.

Even if we cannot represent you, we can give you information about who to contact, and suggest some steps you can take.

The first step is to email or give us a call for a free consultation at (Santa Rosa) 707-525-1212 or (Sacramento) 916-448-1010.