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It is a violation of human rights for anyone to endure abuse of any kind. There are many types of abuse, including verbal, physical, elder, spousal, emotional and even animal. Most people would consider child abuse one of the most atrocious crimes imaginable. Children are very vulnerable and while they the law protects them, they are ultimately at the mercy of grown-ups who are expected to protect, care and provide for them. Regrettably, those adults don’t take their responsibility seriously to ensure the well-being of children in their care and instead take advantage of them for their own selfish reasons.

Expectations and Responsibility of Clergy

Priests, pastors, and many other religious leaders are typically expected to be individuals to whom we can look up to for spiritual leading and teaching, in addition to being role-models. There is an immense amount of expectation placed on religious leaders. These people should be worthy of trust, since they lead people in the direction they should live and interact with others. Time and again, parents all too quickly trust clergy with their children, expecting a good influence for their kids. When you find out your child was the victim of molestation or sexual violation by a person who is should portray a lifestyle of purity and virtue is disappointing to say the least and completely unacceptable.

Has your child been abused by a member of the clergy?

If you have discovered your child was molested or sexually abused recently, in any way by a religious leader or by a teacher, coach or counselor, it is completely within your rights to pursue legal advice and assistance. The attorneys at Teal & Montgomery offer case evaluations at no charge. If you have a legitimate case against a priest, Rabbi, minister, church, synagogue or other religious association like a summer camp, a retreat facility or a mosque after your daughter or son was fondled or sexually assaulted, please get in touch with us immediately.

What about abuse in the past?

You may want legal representation because as an adult, you have clear memories of sexual abuse by a priest, preacher, rabbi or Sunday school teacher from your past.

Recent legal decisions have made it possible for courts to consider claims by adults that involve past clergy abuse as a reason for legal claims now. Have you found out about familiar cases and considered how to take on your own justice following childhood or teen sexual abuse that altered your normal development? There are countless various damages you could have incurred, which may mean mental, physical, emotional and financial. Have you suffered multiple years of anger, depression, relationship struggles or psychosomatic sicknesses that directly result from clergy abuse in your childhood, teen years or when you were a young adult? Are you curious to know if there is a possibility of bringing a claim for compensation against the Catholic Church or any church or institution belonging to an organized religion?

What to Do if You or Someone You Love Has Endured Clergy Abuse

The first think you should do in any situation where a child has endured sexual abuse is to pursue advice from an experienced Sacramento child molestation attorney. Whether the abused child is still young or it was you at a younger age, please speak with one of our attorneys at Teal & Montgomery with no charge to you. We are here for you to discuss all your options in bringing a lawsuit against a clergy person or a religious institution on your behalf.

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