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There are few things as life altering as a serous, complex crash. In most situations, the victim of a crash is in serious need of emergency medical treatment, often time including surgery which can include the resetting of bones or repairing major internal organs. Often in a crash, one or more vehicles are totaled, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in property damage and loss.

We Have Several Offices to Serve You With

The Law Offices of Teal & Montgomery have offices in both Santa Rosa and Sacramento, California and are here to serve you after your crash. Not only do we pride ourselves on an excellent staff of qualified and experienced attorneys, but we have a medical doctor as part of our winning team. We can view your situation from both sides of the spectrum: legally and medically.

You Can Follow Up on the Officers’ Work

In most crashes, the police response teams are the first to arrive on the scene of the accident. These officers will typically gather the pertinent information and begin filing a report of their findings. These reports can be very helpful, but the right attorney will verify the conclusion of the reports in other ways, such as interviewing those who may have been on the scene. The right lawyers will know when and how to follow up with this type of investigative work.

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Because the first few hours and days following the accident are critical times in understanding and determining the long term effects for the injured victim, such as

Your Family Deserves Justice

It’s true the immediate family will naturally be relieved when the accident victim surges the accident, there are numerous concerns and challenges that will soon arise and can become overwhelming to the survivors. Questions will rise such as:

  • How will medical bills be paid?
  • How will the accident victim function and operate over time?
  • Will the victim be able to walk soon?
  • Will the victim be able to walk at all?
  • Who was responsible for the crash and who will provide compensation?
  • Who is paying for injuries sustained?

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The Law Offices of Teal & Montgomery have been practicing since 1975 and have been defending the rights of injured crash victims and their families from our law offices in Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Our attorneys work diligently to aid the injured Californians fight for compensation from those negligent parties who should be held responsible. We will help you move past the traumatic events during and beyond the serious crash.

We are prepared and ready to serve you with an excellent, experienced and effective preparation of your Santa Rosa area crash case. Contact us online or by phone today to discuss your situation and case. Don’t let another moment pass by without contacting us to discuss your options. We’re ready to listen.