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Have you suffered injuries from an accident in Santa Rosa or Sacramento? The law offices of Teal & Montgomery are here to provide you with the details on information you need on what types of injuries require the use of an attorney. Due to the complexity of legal and medical issues involved in building a successful accident case, the experience and expertise of a lawyer is useful. Our offices are experienced and equipped to represent you with a staff of exceptionally qualified attorneys, as well as a doctor who is also an attorney.

We Have Several Offices to Serve You With

The Law Offices of Teal & Montgomery have offices in both Santa Rosa and Sacramento, California and are ready to serve you and build an effective accident case. Don’t think you have to travel down this road of legalities alone. You want experience and expertise on your side. We’re the attorneys to fight for your rights and help you defend yourself against those who have been negligent and caused your injuries. Just because someone says it is, does not make your situation YOUR FAULT! Listen to the professionals and get the law on your side!

Are You Dealing with Any of these Injuries?

If you have or are dealing with any of the following types of personal injuries, it’s imperative you seek an experienced attorney’s representation. These types of injuries can include, but are not limited to:


Don’t Wait Another Moment

Don’t delay in contacting an experienced accident law firm if you have suffered from any of the injuries above. You want your case handled properly and with the detailed effectiveness of a qualified representative. Because injuries sustained are serious and can cause long-term or permanently impairing injuries, you can’t monkey around with inadequate representation. Paralysis, rehabilitation or inability to walk are just a few of the injuries that increase your chances to obtaining the maximum amount of money, as well as making sure your case is settled in a timely manner.

If you feel you have a viable California accident lawsuit, you must be able to provide proof that the person who injured you was negligent, and thereby, caused your injury. The right personal injury attorney will successfully represent you to prove that the person who caused the injury does in fact owe you a damages. The right attorney will know the law in this area and have a certain amount of expertise to pursue your case, not wasting time, and fighting for you. Generally, this is done on a contingency bases. Get in touch with an attorney immediately to figured out if you need guidance on your case.

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