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Nothing Can Replace Your Health

No settlement or victim can replace your health in body, however, it’s imperative you understand that you entitled to compensation for losses accrued by you for you or your loved ones injury. This is especially true if injuries were sustained due to the negligence of another. The law offices of Teal & Montgomery understand this and want you to have the experienced legal assistance you deserve in your personal injury case.

Because we understand, following an injury, your compensation is important. You need and deserve the the means to get your life back on track. You need an attorney who can win a personal injury lawsuit for you or negotiate a rightful settlement.

Because personal injury settlements and lawsuits deserve to be handled with sensitivity and experience, you want an assertive attorney, one who will provide the legal assistance, counsel and support you desire and need. While it’s completely normal to be distressed after your accident, the following attorney searchings details can aid you in finding your legal representation:

  1. Check References
    Begin your search by asking those you trust. Perhaps your friend or colleague has ben involved in a civil case similar to the one you’re interested in pursuing. They may be able to help you find an attorney who not only practices in the area you need, but has an excellent tract record.
  2. Choose By Specialty
    Because most people have never been involved in a civil case before, it’s unlikely they’d immediately know that each attorney has a specialized practice. Just like you wouldn’t hire an optometrist to diagnose pain in your bones, you wouldn’t hire an attorney who specializes in divorce to represent you in an injury case. Look for a civil lawyer, trial lawyer and personal injury lawyer.
  3. Choose Experience
    Again, you don’t desire a surgeon in his first year of residency to operate on you or your loved one, likewise, you don’t want an attorney who’s just passed the Bar Exam. Law is complex; and experience is crucial. Experienced attorneys not only understand the law, but they know how to interpret the law as it changes. You want an attorney who can negotiate and try your case. When searching, look at the number of years a lawyer has practices personal injury law in Sacramento and Santa Ana.
  4. Review Successes
    Insurance agencies and defense attorneys pay attention to those lawyers who win cases. A successful attorney on your side can instigate fair settlements with firms they respect. Check your attorney’s website for their lists of successful cases in the California courts.
  5. Interview Potential Attorneys
    You want an attorney, and team of attorneys, who understand your values and intentions. Ask your potential representative if he or she is willing to mediate your case. Then, ask if he or she is willing to go to trial. You’re searching for an attorney who is willing to be flexible.
    The majority of attorneys care about achieving the absolute best results for their cases and clients, so they work to resolve their personal injury cases. Great lawyers are up for the challenge of fighting hard in court, but realize that settlement outside of the court really is typically better for the client. Great attorneys listen to their clients and keep them informed.

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At Teal & Montgomery, our attorneys have the expertise and experience to settle or litigate personal injury cases in Sacramento successfully. Since 1975, we have practiced in the complex area of the law that governs personal injury lawsuits. We are a compassionate and caring team of personal injury lawyers, ready to help you cope with your injuries and find a way forward at this difficult time in your life. Contact us online today to get started on your case.