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Teal & Montgomery
Attorney who is a medical doctor
Part of our Winning Team

Our firm has handled personal injury cases since 1973. We have very experienced attorneys here who devote their attention and time to nothing but injury cases. We also have on staff with us a doctor who is also a lawyer, and this gives us a very unique advantage in analyzing and presenting cases.

As soon as we take your case, we immediately begin the process of gathering the evidence we need. We give you personal attention and time and devote our energies to proving your case. We will do the best job for you to get you the money that you deserve.

[GRAPHIC: Teal & Montgomery, lighting the flame of justice by bringing hope to the injured,, Santa Rosa, 707-525-1212, 50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 200 Santa Rosa, CA  95404, Sacramento, 916-448-1010, 1001 G Street, Suite 301, Sacramento, CA 95814]