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Most Common Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are a common location for accidents because of the nature of the work and the busy activity in the vicinity. The continuous operation of vehicles and equipment add the to the noise and chaotic atmosphere that can cause breaks in concentration that can lead to accidents. A number of types of accidents are commonly found in these areas:

Falls From Ladders or Scaffolding

Much of the work done on construction sites involves being on ladders, roofs or scaffolding, which increases the chances for accidents exponentially. All ladders and scaffolding should be tethered as securely as possible. Fall prevention belts can help to minimize injuries from roof falls. All workers should wear proper footwear for this type of work.

Injuries From Use of Equipment

Saws, drills, mixers, jackhammers, cranes, bulldozers and construction vehicles all pose significant risks for workers. Proper equipment training, availability of safety equipment and frequent safety reminders can help to reduce the incidence of accidents.

Falling Objects

Construction materials are often brought up to upper levels of the structure, and these can pose falling hazards for those working below. Ensure that all materials, tools and equipment are properly secured when working above ground level to prevent objects from falling on other workers.


Electrical hazards are also common on construction sites. The danger of electrocution affects not only those working directly with electrical lines. Other workers may not be aware of the presence of exposed wiring when performing tasks. Clear placement of hazard signs can help alert workers to these dangers.


Problems with dehydration and overexertion often occur on construction sites in warm climates. Contractors should always ensure that sufficient water is available to prevent dehydration in warm weather. Frequent breaks in a shaded area will prevent workers from being overcome by intense sunshine and high temperatures. Keep cell phones on hand for emergencies.

Trench Collapses

On sites where digging is required for pipes and other structural equipment, workers may face the danger of collapsing trenches. Ensure that these trenches are properly shored and checked by experienced supervisors before workers enter them to finish operations.

Fires or Explosions

Construction sites may have a variety of flammable chemicals on hand that are used in building tasks. These compounds can ignite from a tossed cigarette or spark from equipment. Keep all chemicals clearly labeled and away from the work area until they are immediately needed. Train workers on the dangers of commonly used compounds to prevent accidents.

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