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Avoiding Injuries At The Pool

“Avoidance of injury at the pool” is certainly not what a German man had in mind in this video now having been viewed by millions on YouTube. The man stands outside in the freezing cold in his speedo, turns and faces the camera, gives a few expletives in broken English, then does a cannonball from […]

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Requesting The Right Tests Could Save Your Life

“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.” Epictetus   Knowing a few medical terms and understanding which tests to ask for (and why) could save your life or the life of someone you love. When men and women go for checkups, conversations should begin with their physicians about prostate and breast […]

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Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Doctor Scalpel… Forceps… Curettes… Oops… Patient What did you say?  Did you say oops?! I’ve said ‘oops’ before & I know what I did when I said ‘oops’. What did you do? – From Bill Cosby’s I Started Out As A Child (1964) Within the last year, Irish researchers published the results of a study […]

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Understanding Your Rights For Hip Replacement

Right here in Santa Rosa and across California many have experienced difficulties due to defective hip implant. Victims who have suffered pain, discomfort, and other complications after receiving a DePuy ASR hip implant may have the right to compensation. The issue has to do with the premature hip failure of the all-metal devices that have […]

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Not Looking Your Age May Keep You Safe From Discrimination

Ageism is a problem. All across the US, companies are finding more creative ways to hire younger employees while discrimination against older employees continues to take place. When such behavior affects you and your loved ones, taking legal action is the appropriate measure. Some people on the older end of the age spectrum have taken […]

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Ensuring Your OB-GYN Takes Proper Precautions to Prevent Birth Injury

Finding the right obstetrician, at times, can be a nuanced and lengthy process. You may ask your friends and family for recommendations, do a preliminary phone interview followed by an in-person visit, all before making your choice.  However, just because you’ve chosen someone who may be the right fit, doesn’t mean you should stop asking […]

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Which Claims Are Covered By ERISA?

“Some (people) want credit for (stuff) they’re supposed to do… (They) say some (stuff) like ‘I take care of my kids’… What you want a cookie?!” Chris Rock (Comedian) Unfortunately not everyone does what they are supposed to do. This is true for those who are supposed to take care of our retirement assets as […]

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