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Santa Rosa Malpractice Settlement

Medical malpractice settlements in Santa Rosa

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They do not have your best interests at heart. When a claims adjuster calls you, he or she is most likely looking for information that will defeat your claim or minimize the amount of money you will be paid for your claim. Even if the adjuster offers to settle your claim, chances are this amount is significantly less than what you would receive with the help of a lawyer. Studies show that when you are represented by a qualified medical malpractice attorney, you can maximize the amount of compensation.

Do not accept an insurance company’s offer before engaging a medical malpractice lawyer in Santa Rosa. Medical malpractice settlement negotiations are best handled by trial attorneys with deep experience in medical malpractice claims. The same holds true for those pursuing a medical malpractice claim in Santa Rosa. Medical malpractice settlement is complex and can be time-consuming. Let Teal & Montgomery apply our knowledge to your case. With one of our attorneys advocating for your rights, you can rest assured that the best possible settlement in your favor can be reached.

Free consultations for victims of medical malpractice

We offer a free telephone, online, or in-person consultation. Our Santa Rosa and Sacramento medical malpractice attorneys listen to you, consider the facts, and give you our best advice. For the Santa Rosa office, call 707-525-1212 or for Sacramento, call 916-448-1010 or contact us online today.