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Cancer is deadly and frightening and not understood to the level we would like. There is also no cure, although treatments have advanced tremendously even in very recent years. “In 2015, there will be an estimated 1,658,370 new cancer cases diagnosed and 589,430 cancer deaths in the US” [1]. There are an astounding number of types of cancer that can devastate the lives of Americans, including:

If you or a loved one has suffered the pain of having cancer and the pain of costly treatments because of the failure to diagnose cancer at the hands of a negligent doctor in Santa Rosa or Sacramento California, contact the attorneys at Teal & Montgomery. We have a medical doctor as a part of our legal team and we have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases. Call 707-525-1212 today for a complimentary initial consultation or contact us online.

Cancer is devastating

Learning that you have cancer is a terrible shock. The cold, hard truth is that there is no cure for cancer. Although surgical removal of tumors, chemotherapy and radiation are all promising treatments, cancer can always return and the reality a survivor lives with is indefinite. Depending on the severity of whatever type of cancer your doctor detects, you will be facing costly and difficult treatment plans that will inevitably turn your entire life and the lives of your loved ones upside down.

What is Failure to Diagnose Cancer?

Failure to Diagnose is a type of medical negligence, which means that although you exhibited symptoms of a certain illness, disease or cancer, your doctor failed to diagnose you. This kind of medical negligence means that your illness went untreated, leading to more severe consequences, costly treatments or even death.

Discovering that your cancer was allowed to progress when it could have been successfully treated at a much earlier stage is even more shocking. You may wonder how to obtain the compensation you need and deserve after a physician’s failure to diagnose cancer such as one of these types:

How could this have happened?

Did you report suspicious symptoms to your family physician some time ago, only to be told your worries were unfounded? Did a doctor fail to follow up on a laboratory test that revealed the presence of cancer in your body? Perhaps the information sat in your file in a medical clinic for weeks or months after clinical tests showed cause for concern.

If you did all you knew to do and sought your physician for help and he or she neglected your needs, you may have a medical malpractice case and you need a qualified and experienced attorney to represent you in order to recover your damages and pursue the justice you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Santa Rosa · Failure to Diagnose Cancer? Attorney Consultations Are Free, With No Further Obligation at Teal & Montgomery.

Talk with an experienced medical malpractice attorney about your concerns over a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer. Contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation at the law offices of Teal & Montgomery in Santa Rosa. Aggressive treatment at that early stage might have contained the cancer. Instead, now your cancer has gone on to a more advanced stage. You may now require serious, invasive surgery that could have been prevented. Your life may be in danger. You may have accrued significant medical bills that could have been avoided — and which your family may be held accountable for in the future.

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[1] Cancer Facts & Figures 2015. (n.d.). Retrieved July 9, 2015.