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Imagine slipping and falling in the middle of your favorite grocery store. What happens when a bike rack falls and breaks your foot in the cycling store you frequent? How do you handle it when your child is severely injured in the backyard of a neighbor? Encountering danger and injury on someone else’s property is a serious problem. Who is responsible for your injuries or for keeping the property safe for people who enter it?

What is Premises Liability?

Premises Liability is the legal responsibility that property owners and residents have for injuries and accidents that take place on their property. When a person sets foot on your property, he or she has a reasonable expectation of not getting hurt. What this means is you, as the owner of the property (or non-owner resident), are responsible to maintain a relatively safe environment. Consider this example: if a courier delivers a package, he could sue you for injuries if he slips and falls in your driveway where there is an oil slick. On the other hand, if the courier was intoxicated or in any other way acted unsafely, then he could be responsible for his own injury and may not have a valid claim.

Premises Liability Claims

If you were hurt or if your loved one was injured or killed on someone else’s property, you may have a valid premises liability claim against a property owner. This could mean the owner of any of the following:

  • A private home
  • An office building
  • A commercial establishment
  • A public institution, such as a school or a county hospital
  • A bus stop

Circumstances of Your Sacramento Slip-and-Fall Accident or Dog Bite

Did you experience an accidental injury because of insufficient lighting or because of an uneven sidewalk? While you may have many doubts, questions and concerns, you may feel too stunned and shocked to immediately speak with an attorney. We understand you may be hesitant to see the legal aspects of the injury or death case in terms of a potential premises liability claim.

The Difficulty of a Premises Liability Claim

It could be that you and your family find yourselves consumed with the difficulty of coping with your injury or the loss of your family member. There will be many obstacles in your daily life, in addition to medical expenses and/or funeral and burial costs. You may be slow to accept the idea of “suing” a property owner for an injury or fatality that you believe might not have been as a result of the property owner’s negligence.

How an Attorney Can Help

What we know from experience is how much we can help you and your family at this crucial time. We understand what is needed to get the investigation started even before you leave the hospital or before the funeral has been held. The faster we get the opportunity to evaluate the premises, interview eyewitnesses and locate the property owner, the greater your chances may be for a suitable settlement. Our Sacramento premises liability attorneys prepare every case as if for trial. We can begin preparing for that possibility now, without disturbing you as you heal or grieve after an accidental injury or death on someone’s property.

Contact a Sacramento Premises Liability Attorney

Our team of dedicated, skilled personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys includes a doctor who is also a lawyer. The entire law firm of Teal & Montgomery, in our Sacramento and Santa Rosa offices, is prepared to give your case priority.

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