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Attorney who is a medical doctor
Part of our Winning Team

“Thank you for being the Captain of our ship, Steve!  We needed your help, and you more than delivered.  It seemed like each of our experts and every witness, etc., consistently did an amazing job, but you kept everyone on track.  We are so thankful.  Your work has changed our lives, and is bringing justice and accountability to Kaiser.  You did good.” – Ben F.

“Steve, Wow! I’m still in shock that we won.  Ben and I will be forever grateful to you the rest of our lives!  Thank you for believing in our case and changing our lives for the better.  You truly are an amazing attorney and the captain of our ship!” – Deanna F.

“Thank you, and everyone in your office, for being so supportive.  Everyone made the process seem less intimidating.” – Lavonne P.

“Just want to thank you for your time, patience and guidance while representing me.  The entire law firm team was very friendly, down to earth and supportive, from the emails, phone calls and greeting me at the front office.  My many thanks to you and your staff for turning this ordeal into a manageable and positive outcome.  I will definitely tell my friends and clients about Teal & Montgomery law firm…they have class!” – Lucina A.

“I carry your compassion in my heart. You have truly helped me.  Thank you.  You are in my prayers.” – Deborah W.


“Wow! What a pleasure it was to work with you and your clients today. Thank you so much for your hard work, preparation, and professionalism, which were all in evidence during the negotiations. I love the way you counseled your client, and you absolutely achieved the optimal outcome on her behalf. Yay!!
And – thanks for doing med mal work. It is such a tough field and so few lawyers will touch it anymore. Hope to see you again!”
-Lynn D. (Retired Judge)

“Steve, I cannot thank you enough for taking my case when no one else would even consider!  I very much appreciate all your efforts over the last few months.  I feel I can now move on in my life and am looking forward to the next chapter knowing it will be different than I ever imagined – but better than I could’ve ever imagined too!”
-Lindsey R.

“I am grateful that you’ve been in my life and our paths have crossed.
I honor the person that you are. I appreciate the integrity and sensitivity you carry in your work. Thank you for your intelligence and a truly outstanding job. I am grateful for your care and concern from the very beginning. It meant so much. M. and I will always think of you . . . with deepest gratitude.”
-Love, B

“I appreciate all your diligence, expert knowledge and patience, and especially your willingness to listen. Thanks for all you’ve done for me this year.”
– Peijean T.

“I want to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and consideration during the past three years…You and your staff have been very kind and have treated me with upmost respect. I would not hesitate recommending your services to anyone.”
– Chris H.

“An incredibly wonderful staff!”
– Cathy W.

“I am about to enter into the last chapter of my sister’s life…She would want me to let you know just how important you were to her. You took on the lawsuit and worked hard to take care of her legal needs. But more importantly, you took care of her as a person. You were always so kind to her. You brought the legal jargon down to a level in which she and I could understand it. Lawyers are not always honest. You are. Thank you for taking such good care of my little sister.”
– Chyrl A.

“Thank you so much for believing in this case from the beginning. If not for you there wouldn’t have been a case.”
– Cheryl R.

“I am deeply grateful for your hard work, support, and belief in me.”
– Sandy F.

“On April 27 I celebrated five years of healing from the injuries of the accident. While I am still ‘in process,’ it’s uphill at least. Thank you so much for patiently persisting all this time. You and the rest of your staff are surely angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Diana F.