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Aside from “the check is in the mail”, one of the lies most frequently told is “my dog doesn’t bite.” The truth is dogs do bite. It’s not a matter of if, but when they will bite, and when they do, the results can be tragic. Dog attacks and dog bites can directly lead to horrific injuries, severe scarring and long-lasting emotional trauma. Small children are commonly the victims of dog bites, partly due to their short stature and lack of familiarity with animals. If you, your child or another loved one has experienced an attack or bite from a dog, it is vital to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

We are the lawyers of Teal & Montgomery. Since 1975, we have helped injured people across Northern California find justice and solace. With offices in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, our law firm has built a strong record of achieving results for those injured by another’s negligence. We will fight for you and your family.

Preventing Dog Bites

Whether you are a dog owner or visiting the home of a dog owner, you should be prepared and know the steps you can take to prevent an attack. To prevent a dog bite, take heed of the following:

To prevent dog bites:

  • When selecting a dog as your family pet, choose one who has a good temperament.
  • Keep your distance from dogs you don’t personally know.
  • Don’t ever leave young kids unattended with a dog — especially if you are not familiar with the dog.
  • Do not attempt to play with dogs that are busy eating or a mother dog feeding her puppies.
  • Any time you approach a dog, do it slowly, giving the dog ample opportunity to approach you.
  • If a dog grows aggressive, do not scream or run away. Remain calm, make slow movements, and try not to make eye contact with the animal.

Liability for Dog Owners

Dog owners in California face strict liability when their dogs bite someone. The only defense to a dog bite is that the person who was bitten is trespassing. Therefore, in most dog bite cases, the issue is not proving liability. Rather, it is proving damages. Our law firm will compile all medical evidence to show the extent of your injuries. Once we have a full picture of your needs, we will work with the dog owner’s insurance company to reach an equitable settlement. If it is necessary to take your case to trial, you can depend on our attorneys to be ready.

What to Do if You are Bitten by a Dog

If you are bitten by a dog, it is very important that you seek medical treatment immediately. Make sure you see your family physician or go to an urgent care or emergency room to get checked out as soon as possible. If the wound is serious or if an infection or disease ensues, and you wish to pursue the matter legally, you will need documentation that you sought medical care. Aside from documentation, dog bites can be very serious and you want to make sure your wounds are properly treated.

If you are bitten by a dog in Sacramento, contact a California Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in Dog Bites. The Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyers with Teal and Montgomery have extensive personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuit experience, and have a medical doctor as a part of their winning team.

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