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If you are involved in a serious accident of any kind, it is likely you will have extensive expenses. In addition to damages you may incur to your vehicle or property, if you are a victim of an injury, your costs will be even higher. This takes a toll on much more than your pocketbook. This is why many car accident and construction accident victims seek out the support of an experienced lawyer for help pursuing and obtaining compensation.

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Won’t my insurance cover the claims?

The main reason many people secure auto insurance is in order to cover expenses in the case of an accident. The truth is, your own car insurance limits may be too low to be your entire source of compensation. A personal injury lawyer skilled in insurance disputes will devote extensive effort to verifying whether or not another liable party exists. If another motorist, person or entity displayed negligence, you may have grounds to file an injury claim or lawsuit. If this is possible, you and your attorney might be able to secure the financial compensation you need for your damages and injuries.

Can umbrella policies help?

Insurance coverage, whether sourced from your policy or that of the other liable party, may provided valuable compensation after a car wreck or other serious accident wherein you have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury. Some insurance carriers offer additional “umbrella policies” designed to provide extra-large liability coverage in the case of substantial claims.


Only a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can answer all the questions you have regarding your accident and insurance dispute. At Teal & Montgomery, we help many clients reach a favorable resolution in insurance disputes with their own and with other motorists’ insurance companies. If your insurers are hesitating at paying out benefits, we can help.

Our attorneys are well versed in the laws and regulations surrounding insurance coverage. We understand laws regarding insurance bad faith. If necessary, we will take steps to bring an insurance company to trial if they refuse to make good on their policies.

Are You Struggling With a Denied Insurance Claim?

Was your insurance claim denied after a serious car accident? Is your insurer delaying payment, or instigating disruptions in the medical care necessary for you to recover from your serious injury? Contact Teal & Montgomery, a Sacramento insurance dispute law firm in practice since 1975.

Uninsured Motorist Lawyers in California

Our dedicated team of skilled medical malpractice attorneys in Sacramento and Santa Rosa includes a doctor who is also a lawyer. The entire legal team of Teal & Montgomery is prepared to do everything necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Or law firm places a high priority on excellent, effective preparation for your insurance dispute case.


What will arbitration and litigation mean?

Arbitration can sometimes be a quicker and more cost effective method of resolving a disagreement than litigation and trial. Unfortunately, because arbitration does not engage a jury, the outcomes typically favor insurance companies.


The other option is litigation, which means filing a lawsuit. When a lawsuit is filed, your legal team must conduct “discovery,” wherein you will exchange information with your opponent, as well as presenting evidence and witnesses to a judge and jury.  The judge or jury decides the verdict, which many times is reviewed in the appeal process. Arbitration can be frightening to someone who has never encountered it before, but if your lawyer is knowledgeable and experienced, it may your best chance to secure a fair settlement of an insurance claim. This is especially true if there is substantial money at stake. Filing a lawsuit gives you the upper hand in negotiation scenarios.  For the most part, lawsuits are settled before going to trial.

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