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What Can I Expect Out Of My Anesthesiologist?

The anesthesiologist is the professional who will be applying the numbing process known as anesthesia to you when you are going to have surgery. Depending on the scope of the surgery and the decision made by your doctor, you might have a local anesthetic, where only a small portion of your body is numbed, a […]

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Medical Malpractice: Psychologist Abuse

“Alicia” met her psychologist in September 2001. It wasn’t her first visit to a psychotherapist. She’d seen others, mostly women, during her late teens and early twenties in an attempt to deal with mild depression, self esteem issues and unresolved guilt stemming from the loss of her father to cancer when she was 8 years […]

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Wrongful Termination

When someone has been fired from his or her job, there is often the question of whether the termination was legal or illegal. While most employment is “at will,” which means an employee may be fired at any time and for any reason or for no reason at all, there are some important exceptions to […]

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Anesthesia Errors & How They Affect Your Surgery & Recovery

Surgery is scary, and when you make a decision to go under the knife, you aren’t just placing your life in the hands of the surgeon.  You’re also trusting the people who provide anesthesia.  That’s why it’s necessary to understand that mistakes and negligence during this critical phase of care can have dangerous consequences. Who […]

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is always an unwelcomed act, but when it happens in the workplace it is a form of unlawful sex discrimination. Because sexual harassment is not always clearly understood, it’s important to note that the law defines it as unwelcomed verbal, visual, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature based on someone’s sex […]

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Common Misconceptions of Medical Malpractice

Many people incorrectly believe that medical malpractice lawsuits are frivolous, and that there are more suits filed than legitimate medical errors. In reality, the opposite is true. The American Medical Association reports that over 200,000 people die from medical malpractice every year, and the majority of these cases never result in lawsuits. This statistic proves […]

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Common Forms of Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

While there have been great strides in the fight for equity, there are still instances where people are treated unfairly due to their gender. Despite laws enacted to level the playing field, sex discrimination is still fairly prevalent in the workplace. If you have been a victim of discrimination based on your gender, understanding your […]

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Birth Injuries: Natural or Medical error?

When a newborn is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it’s normal to wonder what went wrong—what caused the lasting brain damage and could have been done to prevent it. For one Louisiana families, these questions led to a lawsuit. The family, according to their local new outlets, delivered a child in the hospital of their small […]

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Can I Be Fired After Obtaining A Workplace Injury?

A person who sustains an injury at work may wonder if he or she can be fired. The short answer is no, but sometimes employers find ways to do so. First, any employer that has more than three employees is supposed to have a workers’ compensation policy to protect its employees. A workers’ compensation policy […]

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Amputation – Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, negligence during amputations are becoming increasingly common. Whether it is the result of an improperly trained surgeon, a rushed surgery, or any number of factors, negligence can make this difficult process even harder. An amputation is the surgical removal of an extremity. The amputation procedure varies depending on which extremity the surgery is being […]

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