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Medical Malpractice: Psychologist Abuse

“Alicia” met her psychologist in September 2001. It wasn’t her first visit to a psychotherapist. She’d seen others, mostly women, during her late teens and early twenties in an attempt to deal with mild depression, self esteem issues and unresolved guilt stemming from the loss of her father to cancer when she was 8 years old. Her mother’s unexpected death at a young age didn’t help Alicia’s contrition. She began struggle more and more with relationships, her health, and the majority of tense situations in her life. She need held. That’s when she met Dr. “Allen”

Dr. Allen was a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Santa Ana, Wyoming. Because Alicia’s boyfriend and her were in couples counseling at the time and Dr. Allen’s name was one of two they were given when asked about individual counseling. Dr. Allen was described as “spiritual”, which at the time sounded like a good thing to her. She felt this was a doctor who could help her.

Dr. Allen did turn out to be a pretty great guy. He was in his early 40s, wore jeans to the office, and had a great sense of humor and easy-going nature that appealed to Alicia. She felt comfortable with him and relatively easy to talk to. More importantly, he listened to her, wanted to hear what she had to say, and seemed to really understand her. To a woman who had often felt unseen and unheard in her relationships, Dr. Allen was like a dream come true.

Dr. Allen quickly won all of her loyalty. Whenever she’d complain about something her couples therapist had said, Dr. Allen came to her defense. His assessments of her issues were generally kinder and much more flattering than others’, and his confidence in his diagnostic skills left her feeling safe and reassured. Clearly, he knew and understood her far better than any couples therapist did. He seemed to have all the answers to life, love and the universe. Alicia had developed a deep respect for him and looked up to him as her teacher, spiritual guide, and the older brother she’d always wanted but never had—someone who would guide her, advise her, protect her, and defend her honor.

It was all a facade.

Before the year passed, Dr. Allen had approached Alicia in an unapologetically, unprofessional manner. He used her trust of him to take advantage of her, emotionally, spiritually and, at times, physically. Three years transpired and, when she finally crawled out of the destructive relationship, she was more broken then before.

Believe it or not, situations like this are all too common.

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