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At Teal & Montgomery, our attorneys in Sacramento and Santa Rosa sympathize with you for your tragic loss of your loved one due to an accidental death. Part of the service we provide at our law firm is representation for accidental deaths due to medical malpractice, medical errors, traffic collisions, car accidents, and workplace or construction site accidents.

We understand how progressing through the legal stage of an accidental death lawsuit can be quite painful, and handle accidental death cases, just like every other case we handle, with a sympathetic yet proactive approach to achieving monetary damages for your loss due to the negligent behavior or misconduct of others.

We know that accidents happen all the time, but oftentimes could have been prevented. Many accidents have tragic consequences which did not need to happen.

The last thing you may be thinking of when faced with an accidental death is to seek compensation for your loss. Although nothing will ever diminish your loss, you deserve to have certain expenses taken care of, such as medical and funeral expenses, and compensation for the loss of financial support and income that you would have received from your loved one. In addition, the law requires the person or entity that wrongfully caused your loved one’s death to compensate you for the loss of that persons love and companionship.

If you are faced with an accidental death, don’t face it alone. At Teal & Montgomery, our legal guidance will get you through this difficult time. Our experience and empathy will be evident once you walk through our door. Call us anytime in Sacramento or Santa Rosa for advice or to pursue a lawsuit against the individual, organization, or company who caused the accidental death of your family member, or complete our quick contact web form and a member of our staff will make it their priority to get in touch with you.