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The office of Teal & Montgomery have fought for the rights of our clients – as well as their loved ones – since 1975. Our personal injury attorneys have dedicated their professional lives to seeking justice for those harmed due to others’ negligence. Our areas of law include:

Personal Injury Attorneys of Santa Rosa

The large part of cases involving personal injury are settled outside of the courtroom. Because of this, you need representation you can trust. This means having attorneys by your side that know their way around the negotiating table. You want the experienced attorneys of Teal & Montgomery, the professionals who will treat your case with the experience and expertise you require – providing you with the results you deserve. Additionally, our trial attorneys always are excited and ready to move your case to trial if your situation calls for it. We will only do what’s in your best interest. Because medical malpractice law is ever-changing, we work hard to stay knowledgeable and up to date with all that is required to fight for your rights. We’re consistently developing relationships with experts in the medical industry. This allow us to build cases that represent your best interest. Our clients trust us!

Areas of Personal Injury Focus

Since 1975, we’ve built our practice on providing exceptional representation for our clients. Our areas of law practice include:

Our Business is Your Justice

Our offices specialize in working towards a resolution that is not only timely, but has your best interest in mind. Whether it’s handling your personal injury suit or one of our many, other areas of expertise, we believe you’re more than a client. Your justice is our responsibility. You’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing that your future is in our hands. Furthermore, our team of lawyers are ready and willing to offer expert opinions in a broad range of legal matters. We’ll walk with you every step of the way. Take advantage of the Teal & Montgomery experience.

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You’re not responsible for someone else’s negligence. Let us help you evaluate your compensation options. Regardless it’s for a traffic accident, surgical accident or personal injury from a defective product, you can rest assured that your case is in the right hands.

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Surf our site to find out more about the law regarding personal injury suits. Whether it’s by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page or learning more about the cases we’ve won, our site can help you investigate your options.

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