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Teal & Montgomery: Your Automobile Accident Attorney

Car accidents are extremely inconvenient. Not only are they life altering, but the injuries sustained often require immediate medial attention and / or surgery. Accidents like these, all too often, cause internal injuries or broken bones. In addition to, vehicles are often totaled and can result in thousand of dollars in property loss and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

In most situations, the hours following an automobile accident are critical in determining injuries, like:

Challenges and worries often become overwhelming for the survivors, following an automobile accident. Questions – often – come up, such as:

  • How will I pay my medical bills?
  • How will I function over time?
  • What’s at fault?
  • Where will compensation come from?

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For over 40 years, the law office of Teal & Montgomery has been fighting for the justice of those injured in automobile accidents, including victims and their families. We work diligently to help those injured in California. We pursue compensation from those parties at fault and help you move beyond the trauma of a serious automobile accident.

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How can we help you pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours after a serious accident? Whether it’s a construction accident, traffic accident, surgical accident or personal injury from a dangerous product, put your case in the hands of our trusted attorneys at our Sacramento law office.

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Our website is loaded with information pertaining to personal injury law. By visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page, you can become familiar with the ins and outs of automobile accident cases. Learn how we fight for justice and find information about the cases we’ve won by visiting our Results and Testimonials pages.

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It’s imperative you take action today. Protect your rights and remember there are statutes of limitations when it comes to filing lawsuits regarding negligence in California.

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Contact us online or call us at 707-525-1212 today. We are happy to schedule a free initial consultation with you, at your convenience of course. We serve clients all over the North Bay area including the Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Alameda, San Francisco, Mendocino, and Sacramento counties. We’re here for you.