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While many religious organizations through the United States, as well as the world, have stood clean of the black mark of sexual crimes permeating through the church, the Catholic church is not one of them; and for decades, much to our nation’s chagrin, they have failed to the address the persistent problem of allegations that priests and clergymen have been abusing children. While turning in these abusers to their criminal law enforcement officials, the Catholic church leadership has time and time again simply relocated these priests from one parish to another. For years, unchecked by law, these people continued to abuse kids. Thankfully, there have been thousands of individuals who have stepped forward to let the country and the world know of their abusive situations.

We Have Several Offices to Serve You With

Teal & Montgomery offices in both Santa Rosa and Sacramento, California and is dedicated to and experienced in helping those who have fallen victim to sexual abuse, including cases involving priests, pastors and religious leadership. We know what it takes – the courage it takes – for you to step forward. We’ll stand WITH you along the way, building the case you deserve, fighting for the rights you are afforded.

You Have Justice on Your Side

An experienced attorney can be instrumental to your case if you were sexually abused, especially as a child, by a member of the clergy. We can help you not only aid in the psychological and emotional healing process, but we can aid in recovering financial compensation that is rightfully yours. Additionally, building a case such as this calls attention to the situation at hand and helps prevent others – especially children – from becoming victims of similar abuse. The attorneys of Teal & Montgomery are here for you, with offices in both Santa Rosa as well as Sacramento. Additionally, we serve clients all across Northern California, defending people’s rights against large and powerful institutions, including the Roman Catholic Church.

Contact the Catholic Church Abuse Attorneys of Teal & Montgomery

Contact us online or call us at 707-525-1212 to speak with one of our staff today. You can also schedule a free initial consultation with us, for a time that is convenient for you. Ready to discuss your case? We’re ready to listen and stand with you against bullies or have used their power and authority against you and your loved ones. There is no level of leadership above the law; and there is not individual who holds a position so highly revered that he or she may do whatever they like, with whomever they want.

There Are No Excuses for Sexual Crime

It doesn’t matter your past, present or future. No one has the right to take advantage of you, especially in a sexual nature. Especially if you were a child, if someone approaches you with sexual intent, without your consent, it is not your fault! You are the victim and the law is on your side! Don’t let manipulative talks and / or tactics stop you from coming forward and defending yourself with the law. We can help you with your next step! Don’t delay one more moment. Pick up the phone or contact us online. We’re ready to listen to your case and want to defend you against this egregious injustice.