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Sacramento Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack

It’s a stereotypical scenario all too often depicted in movies and television shows. Next to childbirth, heart attacks are emulated the most often. We know the signs; if a pregnant woman stops short and grabs her belly, she’s having contractions and must be in labor, right? If a man stops talking and grabs at his chest, he’s having a heart attack, according to TV at least. It’s easy to tell if you’re having a heart attack, right? Or is it more complicated than that?

If you reported to an emergency room, urgent care practice or a medical clinic with suspicious symptoms indicative of possible heart attack, but you did not receive the care you needed in time — and suffered cardiac arrest — you are well justified in wishing to talk to a medical malpractice lawyer. Call Teal and Montgomery to speak with a Sacramento Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack attorney today.

How do you know if someone failed to diagnose a heart attack?

What is failure to diagnose and how do you know if it happened to you? Perhaps emergency room (ER) nurses did not triage you correctly when you arrived in the ER. Perhaps you did see a doctor, but the doctor prescribed heartburn medication or rest and sent you home, where you subsequently had a serious heart attack.

If a health care provider’s failure to diagnose heart attack led to harm, including the death of a loved one who suffered a heart attack upon leaving the doctor’s office, you may have a legitimate medical malpractice claim.

Pre-indicators for a Heart Attack

Many people are aware that there are certain people who possess more risk factors for heart attack than others. For example, some of the following are risk factors that cause some individuals to be more likely to experience a heart attack in the future:

  • Family history
  • Health status
  • Cholesterol level
  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Whether or not you smoke
  • High blood pressure
  • Other lifestyle choices

Perhaps a doctor failed to diagnose heart attack-prone symptoms ahead of time and you wish to address this. Did your physician fail to recognize or study your abnormal EKG readings and thus fail to prescribe preventive treatments or medication? Did a cardiologist fail to see and address heart disease symptoms such as vascular hardening of the arteries and plaque build-up in the veins, resulting in gradual impairment to the heart muscle and eventual heart attack?

Do you have a case?

To determine whether or not you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim for negligence or failure to diagnose cancer, you will need the assistance of a dedicated and qualified Sacramento Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack attorney. The lawyers at Teal and Montgomery have a physician on staff that is also an attorney. Together, our team will work alongside you and your loved ones to determine what occurred, who is at fault and how to proceed in court to secure compensation for your losses and injuries.

Contact Our California Delayed Heart Attack Diagnosis Attorney

We welcome you to contact us or call 916-448-1010 to schedule a free initial consultation with a Santa Rosa or Sacramento medical malpractice lawyer at your convenience. In connection with your doctor in Sacramento’s failure to diagnose a heart attack, attorneys of Teal & Montgomery can explain how an investigation with the help of medical experts can help build a strong case for compensation. You may need help with your medical bills or reimbursement for lost income after you suffered a heart attack that doctors failed to diagnose and treat in a timely manner.