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Handling Various Types of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

At the offices of Teal & Montgomery, we represent clients who have been injured or killed due to the carless, negligent or intentional acts of healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and hospitals. The basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit is provided when medical errors cause a patient to suffer significant pain, injury or even death. 

We handle medical malpractice claims for those in the Sacramento area, including: 

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Failed / Delayed Diagnosis 

When those administering healthcare don’t spend enough time with their patients, failing to ask the right questions, a delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose often occur. Due to this negligence, often one of the follow situations occur:

  • Tests Were Improperly Performed
  • Test Conclusions Were Recorded Incorrectly or Completely Ignored
  • Abnormal Results Were Ignored
  • The Patient’s Full Medical Records Were Not Developed
  • Patient Complaints were Negatively Handled
  • Nurses Did Not Pay Close Attention to the Patient’s Symptoms
  • Key Details of the Patient’s Medical History Were Not Properly Evaluated
  • Necessary Diagnostics Tests Were Not Ordered
  • Additional Tests Were Not Ordered

Limits Regarding When You Can File a Medical Malpractice Claim

Because Medical Malpractice suits are such complicated matters, depending on your situation, there may be a statute of limitation or time limit to file your case. Generally, you have about a year from the moment you suspect you were the victim of medical negligence. Additionally, there is a different set of limits for minors and those in other circumstances. In some situations, a claim must be filed within six months of when the incident occurred.

Failure to meet these time limits can mean loss of compensation that is rightfully yours. Don’t delay. Contact our Sacramento attorneys today.

Successfully Serving the Sacramento Area for 40 Years

Since 1975, our medical malpractice attorneys have fought for the rights of victims of medical negligence in California. No matter the complexity of the case, our attorneys are armed with decades of experience to handle the most complex medical malpractice matters for clients.

For forty years, we have recovered millions for our clients. Our outstanding record of success has earned us the respect of both our peers and adversaries. We will never accept less than the compensation due our clients.

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