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According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer for men other than skin cancer. Nearly 200,000 American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Tens of thousands of men die from prostate cancer each year. The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed, the greater the likelihood a patient has of overcoming the disease. When physicians fail to diagnose prostate cancer, they may have violated their duty of care to their patient.

Call the experienced and talented attorneys at Teal and Montgomery in Sacramento, California today at 916-448-1010 or contact us online immediately if you or a loved one has experienced a prostate cancer diagnosis failure.

Delayed Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is important to work with an experienced malpractice lawyer. Teal & Montgomery, with offices in Sacramento and Santa Rosa, is a law firm devoted to helping people throughout California who have been injured by another’s negligence. We have the experience and resources to hold doctors accountable for their errors.

Physicians Breaching Duties to Patients

Physicians can breach their duties to their patients in many ways such as:

  • Failing to perform appropriate tests. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test and Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) are useful tests to discover the existence of prostate cancer.
  • Failing to acknowledge certain risk factors
  • Incorrectly interpreting test results

Medical Malpractice and Neglect 

When a patient suffers harm because a doctor (or other medical professional) neglects to competently do his or her medical duties, medical malpractice has occurred. The guidelines concerning medical malpractice, such as when you should present your lawsuit to whether you have to inform the doctor ahead of time, differ in each state. For this reason, it’s important for you to have a skilled and knowledgeable legal team who understands the specific laws regarding the failure to diagnose prostate cancer in Sacramento.

Rules for Establishing Malpractice

You should be aware of some general principles and broad classifications of guidelines that apply to most medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice cases are difficult to establish. In order to prove medical malpractice like the failure to diagnose prostate cancer has occurred, you must be able to prove the following:

  • You must be able to show there was a doctor-patient relationship, meaning there was a clear understanding that you were seeing the physician for medical care and the physician was agreeing to treat you as a patient.
  • You must be able to show that neglect occurred, meaning that the physician neglected, or failed to do what a competent physician in a similar situation would do to treat your condition.
  • You must be able to show that you suffered harm as a direct result of the negligent act. Though a doctor neglected duties, it may not have actually caused you harm.
  • You must be able to show that the harm you suffered also caused damages, either in pain and suffering or financially.

Experienced and Dedicated Attorneys

Our lawyers will carefully review the evidence and build the strongest possible case on your behalf. With decades of experience and a history of successful results, we understand how to overcome any obstacles the insurance companies may place in our way. Our comprehensive, tenacious approach regularly pays off for our clients in both settlement negotiations and in litigation.

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