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What the EEOC says about Ageism

“How long am I going to be able to work in my field?” “How long before my position is take and given to a younger version of me?” “Am I viewed differently and less effective due to my age?” “Will I be overlooked for promotions?” Many professionals ask questions like these after reaching the age […]

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Construction Work Accidents to Watch Out For

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Abraham H. Maslow Hazards abound in the organized chaos of most construction sites. Solving safety problems on a jobsite takes an open mind and the concerted effort of everyone on the job. Over the years OSHA and […]

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Can My Employer Ostracize Me Because I am Pregnant?

In a recent New York Post story, a former Major League Baseball team’s executive claimed that she was fired for being pregnant and unwed. Leigh Castergine was the first woman senior vice president in the team’s 52 year history. Castergine claims that she was ostracized by the Mets co-owner, Jeff Wilpon for being pregnant and […]

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Dog Bites Can Be A Serious Matter

Inspector Clouseau: “Does your dog bite?” Hotel Clerk: “No.” Inspector Clouseau: [*bowing down to pet the dog] “Nice doggie.” [*dog barks at & bites Clouseau] Inspector Clouseau: “I thought you said your dog did not bite!” Hotel Clerk: “That is not my dog.” – From The Pink Panther Strikes Again There are an estimated 4.5 […]

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Can Someone Be Held Responsible For My Child’s Food Poisoning?

“Responsibility is like a string we can only see the middle of. Both ends are out of sight.” William McFee Seeking out responsibility is a principle-based exercise. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the complications of another party’s actions than to find out who is responsible and hold them accountable. For a parent, there are […]

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When Ladders Buckle and You Fall

“One person’s embarrassment is another person’s accountability.” Tom Price The court awarded $2.7 million to Kevin King after he suffered a spinal injury from falling off a ladder at work. According to his attorney’s, the work site Kevin worked on that day failed to provide safety equipment and therefore became liable for the injuries he […]

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Professional Negligence and Standards of Medical Care

The Seattle family of Tri Hoang was awarded $5.39 million, by a jury after finding an emergency room physician guilty of medial negligence. Hoang visited the emergency room with pain and was seen by Dr. Grace Dy, who prescribed medicine for heartburn and sent him home. Two days late, Hoang decided to go to a […]

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Something Was Wrong With My Work Truck Before The Accident

One day, while driving your work truck, your brakes lock up at the worst possible time – as you approach an intersection. The collision was unavoidable causing damage to the other vehicle and causing you personal injury. To the untrained observer, you are the at-fault driver and your company is liable. But what if there’s […]

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How Are My Medical Records Protected

Medical records can contain very sensitive personal information that you wouldn’t want to be broadcast to everyone. If you’ve ever been concerned that an employer or family member could easily find out medical information you want to keep quiet, you can rest assured that it’s not that simple. The History of Medical Privacy In 1996, […]

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Most Common Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are a common location for accidents because of the nature of the work and the busy activity in the vicinity. The continuous operation of vehicles and equipment add the to the noise and chaotic atmosphere that can cause breaks in concentration that can lead to accidents. A number of types of accidents are […]

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