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Construction Work Accidents to Watch Out For

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”
Abraham H. Maslow

Hazards abound in the organized chaos of most construction sites. Solving safety problems on a jobsite takes an open mind and the concerted effort of everyone on the job. Over the years OSHA and jobsite safety inspectors have done their best to mitigate the risk. Still, unnecessary, avoidable accidents occur everyday on construction sites.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2003 there were 155,420 reported construction related accidents. Most of these injury cases caused the worker to miss more than 31 days of work in one year. Loss of work due to injury can often mean loss of wages. Loss of wages can cause financial hardship that can often be as difficult to recover from as the actual injury. Therefore, if you work on a construction site, here are some common accidents to watch out for and try to avoid.

4 Common Construction Site Accidents

Overexertion- Mostly during a new construction job, workers are out in the elements doing their job and because of this they become at risk for heat stroke, dehydration, and physical fatigue.

Electrical Accidents

In new construction, there are various stages of electrical installation occurring simultaneously. There are exposed power lines, unfinished electrical systems, and exposed wiring all over the site.

Slip and Falls

Examples of slip and fall hazards include:

  • uneven ground
  • exposed cords and wiring
  • uncovered holes
  • ladders
  • equipment left around

Struck By An Object

There are always heavy objects being moved all around you, beams being placed above you or beside you, vehicles rushing by to get to carry equipment and supplies to various locations on the site. The potential to be hit by something while working on a construction site is great.

If you were employed as a construction worker and were involved in an accident that caused a serious or catastrophic injury, you most likely do qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Our law firm can help point the way to respected law firms that are well equipped to help you get your workers’ compensation claim underway.    

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