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Road Rage typically describes irrationally intense anger in response everyday driving situations. Whether someone cuts you off, or rush hour is in no rush to get you home, or the merge lane is practically nonexistent, there are many reasons to become upset about having to drive anywhere.

But, what about when you encounter traffic issues that are not a result of everyday driving scenarios and instead have to do with highway design defects? Some flaws are simply annoyances like the fact that there isn’t a highway exit on the road where your neighborhood sits, and other flaws can actually endanger your safety.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident that was caused by a California Highway Design Defect, you need an experienced and qualified attorney on your side. Contact the superior legal team at Teal Law Firm. We have offices in Sacramento and Santa Rosa and a medical doctor as part of our legal team. Call us today at 916-448-1010 or contact Teal Law Firm online.

What are Highway Design Defects?

Although driver negligence causes many car accidents, it is not the sole reason people are hurt, especially on highways in California. Highway Design Defects and defective roadways can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles and raise the risk of collisions occurring more frequently. If a car wreck is the directly caused by roads in bad repair or incorrect design, the government body with the responsibility for maintaining that road will also be held liable or responsible for injuries endured. When taking legal action, the process can get very complicated.

Since, defective roadway lawsuits are much more complicated than other automobile accident lawsuits, you need a very experienced attorney like those at Teal & Montgomery to represent you and your loved ones. Federal, state, county and city government bodies are usually responsible for highways, so taking legal action means you will be subject to a different process. There may also be multiple parties at-fault for various injuries and damages.

Highway Design Defects Affecting Your Safety

Highway Design Defects can affect your safety by causing any of the following scenarios:

  • Swerving to avoid potholes
  • Distracted driving from trying to find the correct highway connection or exit
  • Dangerously cutting off other drivers in order to get onto the correct highway or exit

A car or truck accident that leads to serious or catastrophic injury is often caused by one or more of the following factors:

  • Driver error
  • Weather-related road conditions
  • Construction zone complications
  • Defective truck or car parts such as tires or brakes
  • Defective roadways such as roads with large potholes
  • Defective highway design such as road grade allowing water to puddle and create slick spots or too-tight curves on entrance or exit ramps

We Recommend That You Get Legal Advice As Soon As Possible

If you were seriously injured, or if your family member suffered a catastrophic injury or died in a highway crash, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible. If our lawyers evaluate your case, we will want to investigate the exact location of the crash and make a preliminary determination that defective highway design could have been a factor. Further study by an expert witness such as a highway design engineer can help us bring a strong case on your behalf against the county or against the state of California.

Teal Law Firm Attorneys for Sacramento Highway Design Defects

We do not take our clients on wild goose chases in search of compensation after a serious car or truck accident, including accidents occurring on allegedly defective highways. We only accept cases when we believe we can be successful in obtaining compensation for medical bills and lost wages, in addition to damages for pain and suffering. Call us today at 916-448-1010 or contact Teal Law Firm online.