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Construction work, by nature, is an occupation filled with risk. Whether it is highway construction or building of a home, apartment complex, hospital, commercial building or even a parking ramp, there are many chances for accidental injuries to take place. New construction carries with it all the dangers characteristic of construction. In particular, projects that involve retrofitting of older buildings can involve even greater hazards, because there are unknown hazards underneath walls and floors.

Please contact one of the compassionate and professional lawyers of the Teal and Montgomery Legal Team. We have a medical doctor in our firm who can assist you with the complicated details of your serious construction injury.

Causes of Construction Accidents in Santa Rosa, California

Causes of construction accidents can involve the following:

  • Lack of safety training or equipment for construction workers
  • Improper use of construction equipment
  • Dump trucks rolling over when driven on dirt piles, which are not solid or secure enough to handle the weight
  • Equipment failures such as: ladders, scaffolds, handrails, floor coverings over holes, power tools and safety nets
  • Unusual weather conditions like heavy winds or rain causing cranes and scaffolds to destabilize
  • Mishaps such as falls and impalement accidents caused by human error
  • Falling objects that come loose from bucket trucks or other transporting devices injuring workers or passersby

 What to Do if You are Injured

If you are injured on the job, your employer will have a protocol for you to follow, which will likely involve filing a workers’ compensation claim. It’s important to:

  • Report the incident and your injury to your employer. It’s always a good idea to put these things in writing and keep a copy of anything you give to your employer for yourself, and your attorney should you choose to hire one.
  • Fill out a claim form. In order for your employer to provide compensation or other benefits, a claim form must be filled out. Find out from your employer what kind of paperwork must be completed, and follow all the appropriate steps. Do this as soon as possible to ensure your medical needs are taken care of and you do not lose your opportunity for compensation because of a statute of limitations.

Teal & Montgomery is here to help after a construction accident.

We have over 35 years experience with construction accidents and other workplace accident cases at the law offices of Teal & Montgomery in Santa Rosa, California. Our attorneys find many clients think that workers’ compensation is the answer to their financial needs.

If you were employed as a construction worker at the time of your serious or catastrophic injury, it is likely you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Our law firm can help navigate the path to respected law firms that are well equipped to help you get your workers’ compensation claim underway.

Do You Have a Third-Party Liability Claim?

If a negligent party is responsible for your damages, we are prepared to assist you in filing a third party liability injury claim or lawsuit with the potential to compensate you for your financial losses. Our Santa Rosa Law Firm of dedicated, skilled personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys includes a doctor who is also a lawyer. The entire law firm of Teal & Montgomery is prepared to give your construction accident case the attention it deserves. 

After A Construction Equipment Accident, Contact A California Scaffolding Fall Lawyer 

Please contact us or call 707-525-1212 to schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience.  A compassionate Santa Rosa construction accident attorney can visit you in your home or hospital if necessary after you suffered a serious or catastrophic injury at a construction site: a brain injury, a spinal cord injury or a burn injury.