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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that a staggering half of Americans will use some kind of prescription medication in any given month of the year. As the population grows older, this percentage is bound to rise. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have a duty to make sure that they fill prescriptions correctly. When a person receives incorrect medication or an inaccurate dosage, this can result in serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has suffered harm because of a prescription drug error, it is vital you address your situation with a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney.

The lawyers of Teal & Montgomery, with offices in Santa Rosa and Sacramento, are dedicated to helping people who have been injured by medical negligence recover appropriate compensation for their injuries. We specialize in personal injury, particularly medical malpractice and we are prepared to seek justice on your behalf. Our team of lawyers has built a record of success in these claims. Contact us today by calling 707-525-1212 or reaching out to us online.

Duties of Pharmacists

Each time a patient fills a prescription, the doctor, pharmacist and other pharmacy staff must accomplish several responsibilities. For example, professionals must carefully review a patient’s medical history to determine whether or not they should prescribe certain categories of drugs to that patient. The patient should not have an allergy to the prescribed medication. The professionals should prescribe the correct drug and dosage. The pharmacist must provide informative, clear and accurate instructions regarding how to take the prescribed medication. If any of those medical professionals make an error at any point in this process, it is very likely the one who will suffer is the patient depending on that medication.

Top 10 Drugs Involved in Medication Errors

There are hundreds of various medications in existence, including name brands and generic pharmaceutical medications that serve a variety of illnesses, viruses, diseases and disorders. Of them, there are ten medicines that are most likely to be involved in pharmacy errors. According to Medscape, these are:

  1. Insulin
  2. Anticoagulants
  3. Amoxicillin
  4. Aspirin
  5. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
  6. Hydrocodone/acetaminophen
  7. Ibuprofen
  8. Acetaminophen
  9. Cephalexin
  10. Penicillin

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help with a Pharmacy Error

Our law firm will conduct a thorough review of the evidence to determine how prescription errors caused your injuries. We will then gather evidence to show the costs of this mistake. You may have large medical expenses, missed work and pain and suffering due to a prescription error. We will account for all damages related to this instance of malpractice. We will then work diligently to obtain these damages in settlement negotiations or trial.

Establishing Medical Malpractice

The challenging part of a medical malpractice case is establishing that malpractice has actually occurred. Just because a doctor, pharmacist or pharmacy tech made some kind of mistake with your prescription, that doesn’t guarantee you have a case for a lawsuit. You and your attorneys must show the following:

  • There was a doctor-patient relationship.
  • The doctor acted negligently.
  • The doctor’s negligence directly caused your injury.
  • There are damages or quantifiable proof of your harm.

Thankfully, at the law firm of Teal and Montgomery, we have a medical doctor as a part of our phenomenal team of attorneys and extensive experience. It takes a dedicated and confident group of lawyers to even attempt malpractice cases, and our firm tackles them with fervor. You can count on us to represent you and your family no matter what your personal injury or medical malpractice concern is.

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