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Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases

What did you say?  Did you say oops?!
I’ve said ‘oops’ before & I know what I did when I said ‘oops’.
What did you do?
– From Bill Cosby’s I Started Out As A Child (1964)

Within the last year, Irish researchers published the results of a study they conducted looking into over seven thousand medical malpractice claims.  The study was called “The Epidemiology of Malpractice Claims in Primary Care: A Systematic Review.”

Missed Diagnosis

What researchers found was “missed diagnosis” was the most common malpractice claim. Sadly, death was said to have been the most common result of these misdiagnoses malpractices.

Here are some of the most common missed diagnoses:

  • Various Forms Of Cancer
  • Meningitis-Related
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Appendicitis
  • Bone Fractures

Drug Errors

This second most common malpractice claim falls into the category of “drug errors”. The majority of these cases happened with patients who were over 60.

These malpractice claims could include:

  • Wrong prescription
  • Dosage Mistakes
  • Administration Errors

Failure To Acknowledge Or Act On Test Results

Another inexplicably common malpractice claim has to do with test results. In many of the cases, doctors are said to have ordered tests but then never followed up on the results with treatment that claimants say would have moved the patient closer to recovery.

Other Common Malpractice Claims

Some of the other medical malpractice claims include “wrong surgery”, “wrong patient” and “anesthesia mistakes”.  Medical professionals, risk management consultants and educators are leveraging this information to help protect patients and doctors alike, while cutting down on the number of malpractice suits across the world.

If you have lost the life of a loved one or if you have been seriously injured due to what may be medical malpractice, don’t wait any longer to speak with an attorney.  However, you want to make sure you enlist the advocacy of the right firm. Not just any attorney is equipped to handle the nuances and complexities of medical malpractice claims.

Santa Rosa Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Few firms can claim to have the depth of medical knowledge and practical law application as the Teal Law Group. Teal’s unique position comes from having a medical doctor on staff, who also happens to be an accomplished attorney. With keen insight into the carelessness of some medical professionals, hospitals, and doctors and the skill to do something about it, Teal Law Firm is ready to go to work for you and your family in the wake of medical malpractice.

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