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Can I recover if my doctor failed to catch a hairline fracture on my X-ray?

Can I recover if my doctor failed to catch a hairline fracture on my X-ray?

If you go into the emergency room or doctor’s office in pain and get x-rays, you should be able to expect that the doctor examining your x-rays would properly identify any injuries so that you can receive the necessary treatment. Without treatment, an injury and related pain can worsen and additional complications may arise. If you had a hairline fracture and a doctor failed to catch it on your x-ray, you will likely wonder about your legal rights. The answer is not always simple, as your rights depend on the specific details of your case, so you should always consult with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

When does failure to diagnose constitute medical malpractice?

Like anyone else, medical professionals can make mistakes and they are not held legally liable for every honest mistake they made when treating a patient in good faith. However, when a doctor acts in a manner that breaches their duty of care, they may be held responsible for any unnecessary injuries that result. Their duty of care is—simply put—to act as any other reasonable medical professional would act in that certain situation.

In some cases, failure to diagnose a hairline fracture can be medical malpractice and, in others, not. In early stages, hairline fractures can be very difficult or even impossible to detect on an x-ray. If another reasonable medical professional would not have recognized the fracture, your doctor can likely not be penalized for failing to do so, as well. On the other hand, more advanced hairline fractures can be obvious on an x-ray and failing to catch them could very well constitute medical malpractice if you suffered unnecessary injuries or complications due to the failure. Furthermore, a medical professional should also complete a thorough medical examination to diagnose a hairline fracture even if it does not show up on an x-ray. As you can see, these cases heavily depend on your individual circumstances.

An experienced Sacramento medical malpractice attorney can help you

If you believe you have suffered injury because a medical professional failed to properly diagnose your condition or misdiagnosed you, your first call should be to a skilled medical malpractice lawyer at the Teal Law Group. We understand the complex issues that are involved in medical malpractice cases and can advise you whether you have a viable claim. Contact our office for a free consultation today.