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Collision Between Bus, Several Cars Snarl Traffic

Whenever vehicles of a variety of sizes occupy the same space on a highway, an accident could occur. It only takes one inattentive driver or one mechanical malfunction to cause a car crash that can lead to injuries and traffic tie-ups. A recent accident on a local highway managed to do just that.

An accident on Highway 101 backed up traffic for over an hour on Nov. 14. An airport shuttle collided with several cars. The cause of the accident is currently unknown but under investigation. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. and was cleared just before 6:30 p.m.

Several ambulances transported those who were injured to local hospitals. The conditions of the victims are unknown, but according to authorities, none of the injuries seemed life-threatening. The driver of the bus and the bus’s four passengers were uninjured in the accident.

In cases where multiple vehicles are involved, an accident reconstruction might be performed in order to determine how the accident happened. All of the vehicles involved in the crash will be thoroughly inspected to see if a malfunction in one of the vehicles might have been the cause. Also everyone who was involved in the accident will be interviewed, as will any witnesses to the accident that come forward. Once investigators are confident in their conclusion regarding how the accident happened, any citation or charges that need to be brought will be done so.

Those who were injured and suffered material losses have a right to seek compensation for their injuries and losses, which makes determining the cause and anyone who might be at fault that much more important. Anyone who might be considering seeking damages would be wise to speak to a legal professional experienced in this area. These individuals can help accident victims determine the best course of action to receive compensation for their losses.

Source: The Press Democrat, “Crash involving bus snarls Highway 101 commute traffic” Jeremy Hay, Nov. 14, 2013