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4-car Wreck Caused By DUI Driver

People who drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances have been proven to have slower reflexes and have difficulty maintaining control of their vehicles. This is why driving while under the influence is not just frowned upon, it’s illegal in Santa Rosa and around the country. A woman is facing charges for DUI after a car crash she allegedly caused resulted in several damaged vehicles.

On Oct. 23, a woman driving a 2004 Dodge pickup on Highway 90, not far from Parkmore Plaza Drive in Milton, failed to stop and collided with a 2005 Dodge pickup that was stopped in traffic. The collision caused the 2005 Dodge to hit two other cars.

Local ambulances, Milton Fire and Milton Police all responded to the scene of the accident. It was not reported whether there were any injuries, but it was reported that two of the vehicles were stuck together and had to be pulled apart. The separation of the vehicles, as well as the clean-up of the accident scene resulted in traffic backups.

The woman who was driving the 2004 Dodge that caused the initial accident was charged with driving under the influence. It is unknown whether there are additional charges pending.

The drivers whose cars damaged in the chain-reaction accident could be entitled to compensation from the woman who caused the initial accident, or from the truck that actually hit them, depending on the circumstances. The driver of the truck that was hit initially could also pursue the woman who was driving the truck that struck it. In a chain reaction accident, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault, or if there needs to be some sort of shared blame, so speaking with a legal professional can help a person involved in such as incident determine exactly what right to compensation exists in the particular situation.

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