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Cesarean Section Complications

Cesarean Section Complications

The New England Journal of Medicine states that over 30 percent of all deliveries are by Cesarean section (more commonly known as “C-section.”) Though, C-sections are considered routine procedures, problems can occur. Even though most doctors are to identify and handle cesarean section complications, unfortunately there are documented complications involving this type of birthing option.

Cesarean Sections in Medical Malpractice Cases

Each year, medical malpractice suits account for hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement awards. Included in medical malpractice suits is physician malpractice, which is defined as an act of omission by a physician who fails to follow through with a standard duty of care, and as a result, unnecessarily harms the patient.

Physician malpractice associated with errors during cesarean sections is highly common. If you or your baby were injured because of above factors, it’s important to know you may file a claim against your doctor (and quite possibly the hospital) where you were cared for. You do need to meet four requirements, by law. Those burdens of proof are:

  • You Were Owed a Duty by Your Doctor to Perform Your C-Section According to the Medical Standard of Care
  • The Doctor’s Standard of Care, from the Birth of Your Child, Spiraled Downward
  • Because of Negligence, You or Your Baby Were Harmed
  • The Negligence was Directly Responsible for the injuries.

We Are the Attorneys for You

If you feel the victim of medical malpractice involving your C-section, contact us today. You want an attorney who knows far more about C-sections than your own physician. This gives us the advantage when handling your case. Additionally, we’ll consult with experienced physicians to offer you the best options for your situation.

The attorneys of Teal Montgomery have the significant experience you need, both in the courtroom and out. We can show you the results to back up our claims of trial attorney and are prepared to take your trial to case if it is in your best interest. We’ll walk you through the details of your case, help you organize your thoughts and explain your options. The attorneys of Teal Montgomery have an in-depth knowledge of medical malpractice suits. We work to understand our cases in detail. We maintain relationships with experts who help us build strong cases on your behalf.

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