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Most Common Construction Accidents

Year after year, construction jobs are listed among the “10 Most Dangerous Jobs” lists in California and across the United States. This is partly due to frenetic work environments typical of many construction sites. In addition, with hazards including heavy machinery in abundance, it is no wonder construction jobs have led to a high number of fatalities over the years.

Most Common Causes Of Fatal Injuries

Here are the four most common construction-related causes of fatal accidents year after year in California:

  • Objects striking workers
  • Caught in or between objects
  • Falls
  • Electrocutions

Common Construction Site Hazards

Injuries are unintended consequences of construction work. Every job site and each project presents a different set of challenges. However, there are some common hazards that construction workers should be cognizant of when on the job site. Due to the high fatality rate of injury accidents related to these hazards, adhering to OSHA regulations can be a life or death matter.

  • Open trenches (Falls)
  • Unfinished floors (Falls)
  • Ladders & scaffolding (Falls)
  • Exposed electrical wires (Electrocution)
  • Overhead power lines (Electrocution)
  • Dump trucks (Caught in/between)
  • Cranes (Struck by or caught in/between)
  • Large Blade Saws (Caught in/between)
  • Heavy machinery (Struck by)
  • Loose bricks & wood planks (Struck by)
  • Moving trucks and vehicles (Struck by)

Your Rights In The Wake Of A Construction Injury

The state of California has defined the rights of employees, contractors, and their families in the aftermath of a severe or lethal injury accident. There may be multiple liable parties and only a thorough investigation of the facts will uncover who may be responsible for appropriate compensation for damages.

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