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Debate Over Red Light Cameras Rages On In California

Santa Rosa, like many cities in California, uses red light cameras to discipline drivers that run red lights. However, for every city that adds the cameras, it seems that another city will discontinue their use. The benefit of red light cameras still seems to be up for debate.

Although the objective of the cameras is to prevent car accidents, in some cases, accidents have actually increased. Rear-end collisions have increased dramatically in some cities. For example, Walnut saw an 80 percent increase in rear-end collisions, mainly caused by people who stop abruptly to avoid running a red light. Although it is true that a rear-end accident is often less traumatic than a broadside accident, severe injuries can still occur in a rear-end collision.

Some cities have tried to counteract this by lengthening the yellow light so there is more time to get through a light before it turns red. Other cities that were disappointed by the data being released have uninstalled the cameras entirely. As the cameras remain in use in various cities and more data is compiled, more cities will find themselves in the position of having to decide if the cameras meet their intended objectives.

Whether an accident is caused by someone running a red light, stopping suddenly to avoid running one or some other circumstance, those who are victims of accidents have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and material losses. Victims can pursue financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses directly related to the accident. A legal professional experienced in handling accidents can help anyone considering taking this course of action determine if a lawsuit is the best solution.

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