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Failure To Use Turn Signals Can Be Deadly

Recent studies indicate that Americans are distracted drivers. While driving, Californians eat, drink and use any number of electronic devices. Technology allows us to talk on our cell phones, send text messages and program our GPS – all while driving. As bad as driving distracted may be, failing to use a turn signal can be worse.

According to a report issued by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), almost half of drivers fail to use their turn signals when changing lanes or fail to turn them off. About 25 percent of drivers do not use their turn signals when making a turn. According to the authors of the study, the failure of drivers to consistently use turn signals causes approximately two million car accidents each year.

One way to fix the problem would be to require automakers to install a “smart turn signal.” A smart turn signal would automatically shut off after a driver has switched lanes. If a driver failed to use the turn signal during a number of turns or lane changes, then a sound or indicator would remind the driver to use the turn signal.

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Source: NBC, “Turn Signal Neglect a Real Danger, Study Shows”