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Federal Agency Seeks Brake-override System In All Cars

Earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed a new regulation which will require all new vehicles to include a brake-override system that allows drivers to stop out of control vehicles.

In response to a massive recall by Toyota in 2009 and 2010, NHTSA begin seriously looking at brake-override systems. Toyota recalled millions of vehicles after four people were killed in anautomobile accident¬†in California that was caused by an accelerator pedal that got stuck on the vehicle’s floor mat.


The U.S. Transportation Secretary states that Americans should feel confident that they can control their cars and that by requiring this new safety feature drivers will have “peace of mind” that their brakes will work even if the gas pedal is stuck down while they are trying to stop.

The proposed regulation would require all vehicles to have brake-override systems by no later than September 2014, and most automakers support the proposal. Many of the major auto manufacturers have either made brake-override systems standard already or intend to do so by the end of 2012.

Toyota’s failure to have install brake-override systems cost it millions, but more importantly it cost drivers’ lives and injured many others. A person injured because of a car’s malfunction should seek legal advice from an experienced local attorney. Toyota paid the price for its faulty cars; other auto makers who may have cars with faulty equipment should pay too.

If you or someone one love has been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and help you get the compensation for your injuries you deserve. For more information, contact an attorney today.

Source:¬†The Detroit News, “NHTSA proposes making brake-override standard”, David Shepardson.