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STEVE TEAL: Our office has narrowed its practice to solely medical legal issues which cuts across cases of personal injurywrongful death. A substantial part of our practice now is medical malpractice. It also involves disability claims where there is wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits.

I like to think that every case we have we work as a team. We’re very fortunate to have Dr. Thomas Winter, a radiologist who’s also a lawyer, involved in cases and working on cases. We use the skills and talents of really all the attorneys in our office on almost every case.

Over the years we’ve found that more and more insurance companies, especially in the areas of medical malpractice size up the firm that’s representing the injured party. Our firm has the reputation of going to trial when, when necessary, hiring the right experts.

The longer we’ve been in practice and the successes we’ve had in terms of jury trials and arbitrations, I think we have a bigger impact in terms of getting a more successful result for our clients.

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